Reliving the Hilarious Danny Glover Cameo in ‘Maverick’

Reliving the Hilarious Danny Glover Cameo in ‘Maverick’

Reliving the Hilarious Danny Glover Cameo in ‘Maverick’

If you haven’t yet experienced the cinematic gem that is Maverick, I implore you to do so. This underrated comedy, starring Mel Gibson, James Garner, and Jodie Foster, is a loose adaptation of the TV show of the same name, which also starred Garner. Upon revisiting the film, I was reminded of the countless hilarious lines and memorable performances by actors such as James Coburn, Alfred Molina, and Graham Greene. However, the cherry on top of this delightful movie is the brief but unforgettable cameo by none other than Danny Glover. Moviefone perfectly captures the essence of Glover’s appearance:

A Fun Parody with a Touch of Nostalgia

Maverick threatened to be too silly for its own good when it decided to capitalize on Richard Donner’s friendships and franchises, and invite Danny Glover in for a cameo. (There’s also a Goonie making a cameo in his gang, see if you can spot him.) This is the kind of wink-wink-nudge-nudge joke that should completely annoy me, but it doesn’t here. Maybe my love of Lethal Weapon runs too deep, or maybe I get too into meta-references and expanded universes, but I think it’s a fun parody. Sure, parts of it are eye-rolling and obvious (“I’m getting too old for this sh*t!”), but they could have been really lame and cast Glover as a straight-laced sheriff or Texas Ranger.

Instead, they let him play on the other side of the law, and it’s a nice touch to let Glover set off a bomb for once, and let the explosion mirror the smoke and debris that the loose cannon cops always leave behind. I also love how Glover’s look of greed upon beholding Geoffery Lewis’ stuffed pocketbook mirrors the scene in Lethal Weapon 2 when Riggs and Murtaugh find the Alba Varden cache. It’s a classic cameo, if only for the delightful implication that Riggs and Murtaugh have run into each other throughout American history.

Revisiting Glover’s Classic Cameo

For those who haven’t seen it or simply want to relive the magic, check out Danny Glover’s cameo in ‘Maverick’ below:


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