A Nostalgic Look Back at Savage Steve Holland’s Iconic 80s Comedies

A Nostalgic Look Back at Savage Steve Holland’s Iconic 80s Comedies

As an 80s kid myself, I can’t help but reminisce about a trio of movies that defined the decade and left an indelible mark on our collective sense of humor. In 1985, we were graced with the unforgettable “Better Off Dead” starring John Cusack. The following year, “One Crazy Summer” hit the screens, and in 1989, we were introduced to “How I Got into College.” These films, directed by the inimitable Savage Steve Holland, brought a fresh and innovative comedic style to the table, blending animation with a healthy dose of sheer weirdness that left us in stitches.

Revisiting the Classics: Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer

It’s safe to say that “Better Off Dead” and “One Crazy Summer” hold a special place in the hearts of 80s kids everywhere. While “How I Got into College” may not have reached the same level of acclaim as its predecessors, it still showcased Holland’s unique brand of humor. Personally, I believe the absence of John Cusack, who brilliantly portrayed his characters in the first two films, was a significant factor in the third movie’s slightly diminished impact.

Every now and then, I find myself reminiscing about the hilarious scenes from “Better Off Dead,” such as Cusack’s iconic line, “Gee, I’m real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky,” and the amusing Asian guy impersonating Howard Cosell (who also played the villain in “Karate Kid II”). This inevitably leads me to wonder: whatever happened to Savage Steve Holland, and why haven’t we seen another feature film from him?

The Enigma of Savage Steve Holland’s Career

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. It’s not as if Holland has been idle since the release of “How I Got into College” in 1989. In fact, he has amassed over 40 directing credits, primarily in television and animation. Fun fact: did you know that Holland worked in the animation department for the classic game show “Press Your Luck”? No whammies, no whammies, no whammies!

Regardless of his current endeavors, I can’t help but yearn for a modern-day “Better Off Dead” film from Savage Steve Holland. We need it, and we need it badly – just like the paperboy needed his two dollars. To indulge in a bit of nostalgia, let’s take a look back at some highlights from that iconic trio of movies that will forever remain etched in our memories:

Better Off Dead: A Quirky Cult Classic

Better off Dead

One Crazy Summer: A Hilarious, Offbeat Adventure

One Crazy Summer

How I Got into College: A Comedic Journey Through the Admissions Process

How I got into College


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