This Fan’s Marvel Timeline is the MCU Movie Map to Rule Them All

This Fan’s Marvel Timeline is the MCU Movie Map to Rule Them All

At this point it might be better if a timeline wasn’t even considered for the MCU apart from the most rudimentary aspects so that people could more or less follow just when each movie is happening, as in which decade. That might narrow it down some, since at this time Captain America: The First Avenger, would be the absolute beginning unless one wants to count the brief blurb we saw in Ant Man of Hank Pym storming away from his fellow researchers. Right now the MCU is starting to feel like a chest that someone has decided to tuck one precious item after into without regards for space or just how each piece will fit with the rest of them. Granted, there are ways to twist, bend, and fit things together that might work, but I’m kind of with Ana Dumaraog from Screenrant on this one, Marvel might need to come up with a comprehensive list (they’ve got the resources obviously) or don’t even worry about it. It might not appear that a lot of guesswork needs to go into this, but as one fan found out there are more movies and programs that belong to Marvel and tie in together than one might think. Stacking them all as they go in chronological order is more than a little difficult at this point, largely because the Time Heist from Endgame could have easily changed things up in a big way even if the Infinity Stones were taken back to where they needed to be.

MCU TIMELINE. This took me much longer then i thought it would.. from marvelstudios

The funny thing is that after all that time travel talk and the arguments that went on about it one thing that is definitely clear comes to me from a little-known Nicolas Cage movie, Next. The quote goes like this, “Here is the thing about the future. Every time you look at, it changes, because you looked at it, and that changes everything else.”. Think about that for a moment, and now think about how that could possibly affect the MCU in a ridiculous and monumental manner if the powers that be ever think that it might be time for a change. ‘The future isn’t set’ they might say, or ‘Our heroes saw the future and changed things’ could be a serious deus ex machina to insure that one thing or another didn’t happen, which might only end up causing something else in a massive butterfly effect that no one saw coming since they thought they were so smart and were covering their butts by putting the stones back. The thing about the future is that it’s not set, no matter how preordained some people might want to think it is. There are multiple pathways leading to every possible future and the idea that anyone could possible guess them all is hard to imagine. That’s why a timeline for the MCU is kind of ridiculous, no offense to the fan that did this.

Think of it, the entire MCU could change at some point if something decides to not work the way it should, and it could all owe that one shift to the Infinity Saga since time travel, which was never introduced into the first comic book version, became necessary as it was the only way to stop Thanos. Anyone that wants to argue with that might need to see the six-issue series that saw Thanos pitted against the united front of earth and the galaxy itself, as the time stone did see use, but not in the manner that Endgame showcased. Ryan Scott of MovieWeb has more to say on this matter. It was a cool effect to be sure, but in sticking with the source material the Infinity Saga really went off and did its own thing. As far as the rest of the comic book movies let’s just that some of them have stuck to the script while others went off and did their own thing. Obviously things had to change in order to accommodate the timeline that they all exist upon since a lot of things are happening out of sequence and original teams have been ripped up and redone since the X-Men came on the scene. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, the original Avengers didn’t include Captain America at first, as the team was made from Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man, and Wasp. About the only thing that the Avengers movie got right was that Loki was in fact their first shared enemy.

As far as the other comics, Doctor Strange is fairly accurate, as is Iron Man. In fact several of the movies have taken right from the comics, but they’ve still been altered in various ways so as to stick with the times in which they now exist. Going back to the 50s and 60s wasn’t in the cards aside from showing a couple of the older heroes such as Hank Pym, and obviously Captain America had to go back to the 40s to keep in line with his story. But as for the rest of them, the timeline is kind of a mess at the moment.

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