This Fan Art Calls for Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen

This Fan Art Calls for Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen

This Fan Art Calls for Emma Stone as Spider-Gwen

Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb is accurate enough in saying that Hollywood is taking a breather at the moment, but it’s fair to state that a lot of people have had enough time to breathe and are ready to get back to work. In thinking about a live-action version of Spider-Gwen however it feels accurate to state that a lot of people would love to see Emma Stone take over as the titular hero since her role as Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man movies made it clear that she’s perfect for the role. Plus, Emma Stone is still in her early 30s, a perfect age at this time to keep her for a role that might call upon her to act out the part of a slightly younger person since she hasn’t really developed a lot of wear and tear as of yet. No offense meant to Bryce Dallas Howard, but she appeared more as a girly type of Gwen without much else to go on, while Emma’s version was the perfect combination of sass, attitude, and that feeling that she might very well put the boots to someone if she had the ability. That’s a big part of why she might play the best Spider-Gwen out of anyone since given the power she could be extremely convincing and be able to take the audience on a trip through her life that might be kind of like Tom Holland’s as he took on the role of Spider-Man, something that doesn’t start at the beginning but has instead been ongoing for a while. There might need to be a few flashbacks here and there to show just how she came to be, but otherwise such a movie feels as though it could kick off with Gwen finding a way to use the tech that brought her and the other Spider-heroes into contact.

Sony might really want to think about this one since Gwen is a great character and it’s obvious that while she did expire in Peter Parker’s universe, she’s tough as nails in her own and is in some cases considered a more efficient superhero than her male counterparts. Danielle Ortiz of Screenrant has more on this topic. Of course there are plenty of differences between their earths that make this possible since thanks to the multiverse and the idea that every earth is a bit different if not vastly different, Gwen might have certain advantages that help her where Spider-Man has the same in his own world. But bringing her into the live-action fold sounds like one of the best ideas to ever come across the rumor mill since it would be a step forward in the Spider-Man mythos that might kick things off and convince Sony and the MCU that working together and creating a shared narrative that can rely on the multiverse to keep them just separate enough for comfort is a great idea. It makes sense in my head at least, but as I’m not one of the screenwriters or producers, oh well. Maybe one of these days we’ll finally see Spider-Gwen in live action, but until then we can at least hope and dream and be inspired by pictures like the one above by Pablo.

There’s a very real risk with superhero movies and burnout however, just as there is with any other type of genre. Eventually they do get old, tired, and people tend to get bored with them if things don’t continue to move forward or show people something different. The MCU has suffered just a little throughout the years as people have grown a bit tired now and then of the movies that continue to come out and fail to fully impress. But to be fair, the bar has been set so high for superhero movies that anything being brought to the idea board of any studio has a serious obstacle to face when wondering if something has been done or overdone. A threat to the world, to a reality, to a single being, or to a wide group of people can only be done so many times until it become a bit ridiculous since the story becomes predictable and easy for the audience to map out from point A to B. With Spider-Gwen the hope is that her story would at least be able to entice enough people to pay attention if only because she’s like Spider-Man but not like him and has her own story arc that could possibly be used to interest the audience and get them on board with a hero that has similar powers but a very different tale to tell. Natasha Lavender of Looper would likely agree with this. Plus, she’s not so far removed from Spider-Man really, but is just far enough that she can stand on her own and create an interesting narrative that would be fun to explore a little further.

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