Things Are Changing in the DCU

Things Are Changing in the DCU
Things Are Changing in the DCU

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Change has to occur at times in order to make sure that a franchise can keep moving forward without growing stagnant, but there are a few things that might happen that make fans worry about what the new face of the franchise will look like, especially if certain characters and actors are going to be dropped from their roles. It’s even more disconcerting when fans are told that movies they believed were going to appear are going to be scrapped since things are going to be taken in a different direction. The sudden and jarring news that a franchise is going to change can be a negative thing, to begin with, since a lot of people feel that their comfort zone is being violated as the changes might take away those they’ve come to depend upon. With James Gunn making his way to the DCU as the co-CEO, it’s bound to happen that a lot is going to change, but it does feel that a lot of it might be positive since the fact is that Gunn has worked wonders no matter where he’s been, and his ability to inspire others has already been noted several times over. 

Things Are Changing in the DCU

credit: Aquaman

The future of the DCU is on the shoulders of the directors since Gunn’s track record is proven. 

It’s true that Gunn’s current position means that a lot of flak is going to come down on his shoulders if the DCU doesn’t move forward in a positive fashion. But the fact that he’s done so much and can tell a great story that people love does mean that he has a lot of interesting ideas that the directors of the upcoming DCU movies might want to listen to. Right now, the ball is in their court when it comes to making movies that will keep the fans coming back since Gunn being in charge doesn’t necessarily mean that things are going to be great. But if he holds the same s standards that helped him in the MCU, it’s fair to think that he’ll inspire others in ways that will keep them attentive and looking at the bigger picture as they try to recreate a universe that will not only entertain people but will have them asking for more in the years to come. 

Switching up the heroes feels like a risky move, but it’s fair to say that there are plenty of actors out there who could take on various roles. 

Getting rid of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and canceling the third Wonder Woman movie does feel like a bit of a risk, but there’s a good chance that Gunn and those that work with him will come up with something that’s just as enticing and might even have a better chance of creating an environment that will be more conducive to the future of the DCU. Trying to reason how that might be and what could possibly be coming that might top anything that’s been done to date is a little bit tough, but putting trust in Gunn sounds like a wise move at this time, if only because he does come off as a guy who knows his stuff and to be fair, the DCU hasn’t been filled with massive hits, and therefore can’t deny that it might need a little bit of help moving forward. 

Things Are Changing in the DCU

credit: Wonder Woman

The DCU has been increasing in efficiency over the years, as the duds that have come along aren’t nearly as devastating to the franchise’s reputation any longer. 

There was a time in recent history when the DCEU was continually ridiculed about its choices, and it was earning scorn since, apparently, those in charge didn’t think anything was wrong and were ready to proceed with their own vision. Unfortunately, this had a serious effect on the fans since they were more than ready to call out the faults and openly wonder why those operating the DCEU weren’t listening. That appears to be the M.O. of a lot of filmmakers, sadly, but the DCEU was burying itself slowly, a movie at a time. As of now, it does feel that things have been righted just enough to make it clear that the franchise isn’t going anywhere. 

Yes, this would mean that the Snyderverse is no longer canon. 

It’s kind of amusing but also kind of pitiful to think of all the online petitioning and fighting that people did to bring the Snyder Cut of the Justice League forward didn’t mean much in the end since the Knightmare sequence won’t be happening at this time. If it ever does, it will mean that those running the DCU felt it was necessary. But for now, it’s apparent that the Snyderverse is no longer going to be considered canon. Hey, it happens. Change means that not everything is going to be kept, if anything. 

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