There is a Fourth Spider-Man Movie Coming, But There are No Details Yet

Spider-Man Far from Home

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Spider-Man has been a favorite hero of many over the years and has benefited from the comics, the animated shows, the merchandise, and now his many appearances in the movies and the acting skills of several actors. After No Way Home, it was likely believed that the MCU wasn’t done with wallcrawler, and that belief was well-founded since the word is that there will be a fourth movie. The only issue is that there’s nothing set in stone as of yet. In fact, it would appear that there’s nothing substantial at all about this idea other than the fact that it’s been given just enough discussion to be worth sharing with the public. There’s no doubt that the MCU will keep everything bottled up as neatly as they can, and it’s even possible that something has already been written down, but the general idea is to make people believe that it’s not yet a solid concept. Let the gossip runneth over, right? 

credit: MCU

The rumors of what should happen are already spreading

The truth is that rumors about Spider-Man and what will happen to him in the future have been spreading for years since Tobey Maguire first took on the role in the early 2000s, and those rumors only continued to build when Andrew Garfield and then Tom Holland took on the role. Those rumors have gained a great deal of strength since the MCU decided to play ball with Sony and brought Tom Holland on to play the role. While many of the rumors and gossip have been little more than conjecture, a few fan theories have managed to come true. The movies have been hit and miss at times, as Garfield’s second movie and Maguire’s third didn’t exactly hit every point that fans wanted to see. Even Tom Holland’s movies haven’t always been deemed absolutely perfect. But this is what rumor does at times; it builds up expectations that are difficult, if not impossible, to meet. It’s entirely possible that the same thing will happen when it comes to the fourth movie since many people will end up throwing out theories as to what could or should happen. 

There are plenty of villains to use and to reveal in the MCU

Following the events of No Way Home, it feels likely that there could be a large number of villains that could find their way into the fourth movie, and it might even be that an ensemble cast might be the way to go. Bringing back any of the villains that have already been seen is, apparently, still up for grabs since it’s been done before, and fans thought it was a great idea. Bringing them back too often or trying to bring back those who have died in the MCU though might not be a great idea simply because it could give one the idea that there’s no creativity left in the MCU, at least when it comes to this particular character. After several appearances in the franchise, it’s safe to say that people are ready to try at least to embrace just about any enemy that might be given a shot in the franchise. There are deal-breakers, of course, like Paste Pot Pete, but several others could be developed and brought in. 

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One has to wonder how long Tom Holland will want the role

Several of the MCU stars have either moved on or are planning to do so eventually since being stuck in a franchise with a multi-movie deal is bound to get old after a while. Some would like to see Maguire return, while others argued for Garfield to return. Plenty of fans are still in full support of Holland, however, and there are several fans who want to see all three men in another movie since No Way Home was such a success. But it’s already been seen that Holland will gladly take on other roles that might have a chance at advancing his career. While Uncharted might not have been the blockbusters that the Spider-Man movies have been, it was still a chance to do something else, which is what many actors have stated they still want. 

The idea of crossovers sounds pretty good

Seeing Spider-Man show up in a series or another movie for a cameo or a supporting role would be kind of interesting and even give rise to the idea that the Spider-Verse could become a live-action series. It’s just another rumor, but it does feel like something that could possibly happen in the future if enough people found it to be a good idea. A fourth Spider-Man movie is going to create a lot of rumors before it finally gets made. 

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