“The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On:” Season 1, Episode 7 Recap

“The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On:” Season 1, Episode 7 Recap

“The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On:” Season 1, Episode 7 Recap

The last time the girls got together on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, the night did not end well. A drunk Madlyn went a little overboard with how she felt about Randall, something Shanique did not appreciate. Well, as the seventh episode comes to a start, the girls are back at it, this time to celebrate Alexis’ bachelorette party. That’s right, Alexis is a happily engaged woman. Since her engagement, she’s been living with Hunter. She walks in spotting a tight-fitting short white dress, complete with a sash that sets the tone for the occasion. The girls order drinks. April is fast to ask for a virgin cocktail, implying that she has an ultrasound coming soon. Her cycle is twelve days late. Rae doesn’t take this message too kindly.

Shanique is feeling some type of way. now that Alexis is getting married. She wishes she were in her place. At this point, Madlyn does not really want a ring on her finger. The idea of marrying Colby is more nauseating than it is appetizing. Alexis, who did not have a good experience with Colby herself, gives Madlyn a little warning. She could do better. Rae has struggled in her relationship with Zay. She sees herself with someone else, and so far, Jake seems to fit the bill. April is not ready to have that conversation. She congratulates Alexis on her engagement, and storms out of the bachelorette party.

Back at home, things between Jake and April are uncertain. “He is my soulmate,” April says. Though Jake is not feeling all sorts of lovey dovey, it helps that he and April can have a sober discussion. She’s invested so much in the relationship. She simply does not want to throw everything down the drain. Jake is finding it difficult to make peace with April’s breach of trust. It’s going to take time to get over the incident with his phone. April apologizes. Jake accepts her apology. Can they go to a place where the discussions are not as heated? They hug it out.

What’s worse than having the girls hang out at a bachelorette party? Bringing the entire group of original couples together. These people have lived with each other before. To say that things are going to be awkward is an understatement. For starters, Randall is extremely excited to see Madlyn. On camera, the mood isn’t so tense. Things don’t look so awkward after all, with Zay busting some moves, April getting a little frisky with Jake, pointing out that Rae isn’t the only one who can let it loose. Randall and Madlyn cannot help but shoot looks in each other’s direction. Madlyn thinks Colby is acting like everything is perfect when things really aren’t. To leave this place engaged would be a big mistake on her part.

After the party, Madlyn and Colby are back in the house. Colby suggests that they are the strongest couple in the game, a sentiment that Madlyn does not share. Her bet is on Shanique and Randall. When it comes to her relationship with Colby, Madlyn still doesn’t feel understood. She thinks he’s being an asshole. Nothing about his body language is impressive at the moment. “We’re not the strongest couple,” Madlyn insists.
Shanique and Randall are yet to get on the same page with only a week to go. He’s been transparent with his feelings towards Madlyn. Shanique wants to know what Madlyn needs to work on. Randall is not feeling this conversation. It doesn’t matter what Madlyn has to do to make things work. What matters is what they have going on. If anything, his experience was great. At this point, Shanique is ‘childish’.

Rae still has a lot of things she needs to work on. She doesn’t want to be pushed. Zay is convinced she’s the woman for him. He wants to be engaged to her. Rae says she’s not yet ready for an engagement but is willing to work towards that. “We haven’t been happy,” She insists. It isn’t rocket science to see that the last couple of weeks have not been the best for them. She cannot do this anymore. Keeping the charade going is taking a toll on her. He’s not liking the conversation at all. She’s going to spend the night alone.

Shanique and Randall visit her parents at home. Shanique’s mum has a lot of questions, and is particularly interested in Randall’s experience with Madlyn. According to Randall, it was hard because he was away from Shanique, but generally, he didn’t hate it. They never got around to getting sexual. Randall has made a turnaround from not wanting to get married because of children. There are other things they need to work on in their relationship. Hopefully, he and Shanique can get to a point where they are on the same page.

Madlyn and Colby are in dangerous territory right now. She has questions. Does he see her? Will he run away? Is she heard? She feels like her does not love her for who she really is. Can he accept everything about her? Colby points out that she’s being too critical. Does it have something to do with her family? For the first time in her relationship with Colby, Madlyn feels heard. Her parents are divorced, and that may have something to do with it. Giving her that type of feedback is definitely a step in the right direction.

Over at Rae and Zay’s apartment, everything that could possibly go wrong is doing just that. Zay’s going out. He doesn’t want to deal with the mess they are in. Normally, he’d be back by two in the morning. This time, however, he has extended his stay until eight in the morning. At this moment, Rae is done. She doesn’t want to be with him anymore. Zay is trying to be physical, but Rae is in no way giving in. “Get off me!” she shouts.
We see a lot more growth in Jake and April’s relationship. The previous night and this morning feel like the old April and Jake are back. She’s got butterflies once again. He’s sorry for all he has put her through, and so is she. She definitely sees a future with Jake. Will that happen? There’s only one way to find out. The answers are next.

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