Green Lantern Could Have A Place In James Gunn’s DCU

Green Lantern Could Have A Place In James Gunn’s DCU
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Green Lantern has had a tumultuous time when it comes to live-action. While the DC Comics creation is thriving on the animated side, live-action is a different story. With only one (admittedly terrible) movie to his name, there might be light on the horizon. With James Gunn now head of DC Studios and building his own plan for a DC Universe, the character might come into play. James Gunn’s Green Lantern plans may be in the works, at least according to a vague tweet by the filmmaker. Read on to find out more about if James Gunn will include Green Lantern in his DCU.

James Gunn Continues To Respond To Fan Tweets

While it’s not an official confirmation or even a press release, James Gunn teased something about Green Lantern recently. Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving, Gunn tweeted out a picture of various DC heroes enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. However, Green Lantern was noticeably missing in that image. One fan noticed this and commented on it, replying to Gunn’s tweet. The fan mentions that the lack of Green Lantern in the image definitely means that Gunn and his partner Peter Safran have no plans of including the character in the DCU. The fan goes on to claim that he feels ‘100% confident’ and considers his observation as a ‘scoop’.

Gunn promptly replied to this fan with a simple ‘Probably not a good scoop!’. While it’s the smallest of interactions, it does seem like Gunn is saying one of two things. Either the fan is wrong, and he absolutely has plans for Green Lantern in the DCU. Or that the fan’s observation isn’t that notable or newsworthy. In either case, it’s definitely something to take note of. Firstly, the fan was clearly sarcastic in his original tweet. But a man in Gunn’s position seems like he’s not willing to let conjecture, rumors, and speculations run rampant about his plans in the DCU. Gunns has previously also shut down people on social media who claim to know what these plans are.

What Is Happening With Green Lantern Right Now?

If we go with the more positive conclusion of this interaction, that James Gunn’s Green Lantern plans do, in fact, exist, then things get very interesting. The first live-action Green Lantern was released in 2011 to dismal reception from fans and critics. Even Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s on-screen chemistry and charm did not sell the movie to anyone. It was a box-office and critical disaster. So much so that Reynolds even mocks it in his more successful superhero adaptation, Deadpool.

After that, it seems like Green Lantern was dead in the water. At least for live-action. Until Zack Snyder, that is. While Snyder’s original plans didn’t overtly include Green Lantern, apparently, he did have some plans. After the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, Snyder confirmed there was to be a Green Lantern in the movie. Snyder even shot a scene in his driveway with actor Way T. Carr, set to be his universe’s, John Stewart. But the other versions had different plans.

James Gunn’s Green Lantern Might Be Different

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Outside of any potential plans by James Gunn for Green Lantern, some others were in the works. At one point, J. J. Abrams was set to be working on a Green Lantern pitch. For a series potentially revolving around the entire Corps. Later, it seems the same series was then developed into a Green Lantern series with only a few of the major Green Lanterns, from creator Greg Berlanti. The actors and showrunners were all finalized. However, in more recent news, it looks like Berlanti’s show was also heavily reworked and underwent a major overhaul.

Writer and showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith departed the project during this overhaul. While the actors, Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine, remained unsigned for the series, despite the studio still wishing to work with them. It’s uncertain if they will appear. Especially given that the overhaul now focuses the story on John Stewart, the same character Snyder wanted to appear in his movies.

James Gunn Green Lantern Plans Unrelated To Berlanti Show

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While it may seem like these reshuffles are confirmation of James Gunn’s plans for Green Lantern, it’s actually unrelated. The Hollywood Reporter’s story makes it clear that the changes to Berlanti’s show are unrelated to Gunn and Safran’s takeover of DC Studios. Only time will tell if James Gunn has major plans for Green Lantern and what they might be.

Stay tuned for more on this as it develops.


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