The Theory Connecting ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ to ‘This Is The End’

The Theory Connecting ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ to ‘This Is The End’

The Theory Connecting ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ to ‘This Is The End’

There are some theories out there that make a lot of sense, but they’re still heavily debated by those that might not think that they align so readily. The funny thing about that is the fact that many theories can align just fine for one very interesting reason; it’s all a matter of perspective. Those telling the story usually control the narrative, which means that when telling the story of The Cabin in the Woods and This Is The End, one can say that the premise of the first could easily cause the events of the second. Any that have seen the movie might find a reason to agree even if they have arguments to contend with the idea, since the ending of Cabin in the Woods shows what could easily be explained as the Old Gods, meaning that the gods of the earth, the satanic things that would be looked at as demons and devils straight from the pit, thereby satisfying the religious angle of This Is The End. Some might want to argue that there’s no way that this is the case given the different feel of each movie, but many would be willing to at least think about it. 

Given that the celebrities in TITE are seen as extremely vain and not at all clued into what’s going on in the world around them, it would be easy to think that CITW would be a feasible beginning to a linked story that would involve them both. The Old Gods that no one wants to see rise need a sacrifice in order to keep them sated, or the world ends. There is a level of connectivity there that makes a lot of sense, but it’s also something that many people would shoot down simply because the movies are quite different and carry their own unique tone. There are a lot of other things that people would use to nitpick this theory and some of them would make a great deal of sense.

But looking at this from a whimsical standpoint that’s all about having fun with it, there is a way to connect these two movies since all that’s seen of the Old Gods is an arm and a hand that comes up and smashes to the ground before the credits start to roll. In TITE it’s seen that Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen go to heaven where marijuana is okay and anything goes apparently. But despite their differences, the hell on earth scenario could link them in a very interesting way since once the Old Gods emerge in CITW, it’s literally supposed to be hell on earth. Since there was never any solid explanation as to why the world was ending in TITE, it would make enough sense to state that the Old Gods, meaning Satan and his hordes possibly, had finally risen and were laying waste to the earth, perhaps creating Armageddon, which would tie in with the religious aspect that TITE carried since God would be likely to snatch up those that He wants to spare, meaning those whose beliefs and actions had earned them a place in heaven. 

Plenty of people have already argued for or against this theory, but in truth, it’s just something fun and quirky that was brought up that didn’t need a lot of serious discussions unless someone was going to make an attempt to smash the two ideas together and possibly make another feature that would be an attempt to capitalize on them both. Taking a theory too seriously at times is kind of easy, but it’s also something that’s worth rolling your eyes at considering that if it ever does happen it’s bound to have a very big possibility that such a movie wouldn’t go that far, if only because lumping the two ideas together would be kind of a mistake. It’s fun to sit around and draw up one theory after another, but there comes a time when one has to admit that while it is interesting to think of how the events of one movie could cause the events of another, there are a lot of factors that people tend to miss about both movies that make it nearly impossible to combine them without a few issues. 

It’s fair to say that it wouldn’t be too tough to combine the ideas, but the fact is that many people would still claim that it’s not nearly as easy as some might think. This is one of the many theories that people would shoot full of holes before it was ever allowed to be attempted, which isn’t so much an impediment as it is an unfortunate fact. Theories are definitely fun when they bring ideas together, but being that they are theories, it’s fair to say that people are going to slap them down if they don’t happen to agree with them. 


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