The Secret Invasion Trailer Looks Promising

The Secret Invasion Trailer Looks Promising
Secret Invasion Trailer: Nick Fury Is Back, And More Paranoid Than Ever  [D23]

credit: MCU

Maybe it’s premature to think so, but after watching the trailer, it almost feels as though the MCU might be finding its edge once again with Secret Invasion as a faction of the Skrulls, those notorious, shapeshifting aliens that have been villains in the comics, appear to be intent on taking over the world while Talos and his own people are bound and determined to work with the human race to make sure this doesn’t happen. At least, that appears to be the gist of things at the moment, as it’s a little too easy to think that those running the MCU might make it appear as something it’s not to ease the minds of those that are ready to see Nick Fury and other heroes back in action. The six-episode series is set to arrive at Disney+ in the spring of 2023, and that’s plenty of time for people to start talking and theorizing over what will happen and how it will fit into the rest of the MCU. To date, the franchise has been an uncertain place that has a future but at the same time hasn’t been clear when it comes to what’s going to happen. 

Secret Invasion Explained: How the Marvel Disney+ Series Differs from the  Comics | Den of Geek

credit: MCU

Figuring out who’s who and what’s going on could be interesting. 

The issue with shapeshifters is that being able to look like anyone makes it tough to know who is the real deal and what their motives are if they’re not. The Skrulls were viewed as antagonists in the comics, but thanks to the Captain Marvel movie they were given a new look and a new designation, or at least a group of them were. The issue between the Kree and the Skrulls is one that’s been going on for a long time now, but how it’s going to keep playing out in the MCU is hard to guess since, at this point, it’s been established that the Kree Nation is in fact one massive group of antagonists that are not to be trusted. But introducing a group of Skrulls that are out to invade and eventually take over the earth makes it clear that their species can’t be fully trusted either. 

The reason that Nick Fury has been gone so long is kind of confusing. 

The reason for Fury being absent for so long feels like something that could have been fleshed out to a greater extent, but unlike Captain America’s decision to be a little selfish, it feels as though Fury might have stayed away for reasons that are far less acceptable. That type of attitude could be premature since it does feel that he did his part and was afforded a chance to relax, but also to develop new methods that could help him and others to protect the earth. It could be that the explanations given are enough and that he’s been staying ahead of people as much as he needs to while working on his own issues. But really, it does feel as though Fury has been keeping his distance simply because he was tired of the constant barrage of threats that kept him so busy all the time. 

Secret Invasion': What we know about the Disney+ MCU series

credit: MCU

The series looks as though it might get a bit more serious than some of the other series have been. 

So far, it definitely has the feel of something that might be a little more serious than several of the shows that have come along in the past year or so, but that’s a hope that might not be based more on appearance and less on fact since the appearance of a couple of shows had wowed people with the trailers and underwhelmed them when they finally arrived. The general idea that the MCU has been going downhill hasn’t been a fantasy despite the fact that those who are into the woke ideas being pushed think that everything is just fine. If this series is even half as interesting as it looks, it’s fair to state that it might revive the MCU in a way that shows like She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel have failed to do. 

Maybe this is the beginning of another great saga that will end up changing the MCU for the better. 

It’s fair to hope that the MCU will end up getting back on track, and perhaps this could be the beginning of a saga that might take things in a direction that will move it away from the woke idea that has been taking over. The idea of being fair and allowing the MCU to remain diverse isn’t a huge issue, but satisfying fans without having to dump on what they’ve come to expect should be just as easy. Hopefully, that’s what this series will bring to the MCU, as the franchise could use another spark to get things moving yet again. 

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