The Reason Why Edie Falco Had to Stop Watching The Sopranos

The Reason Why Edie Falco Had to Stop Watching The Sopranos

The Reason Why Edie Falco Had to Stop Watching The Sopranos

After debuting in 1999, The Sopranos quickly became one of the most popular shows on TV. In fact, it has since come to be regarded as one of the greatest TV shows of all time. The series centers around a fictional character named Tony Soprano who is a mobster living in New Jersey. In addition to his responsibilities to the mafia, Tony must also deal with his responsibilities at home which sometimes result in him being pulled in two different directions. While millions of people tuned in to enjoy the show during its nearly decade-long run, some fans may be surprised to know that one of the show’s stars wasn’t among its viewers. Edie Falco, who played Carmela Soprano during the show’s run, didn’t watch the show while it was on TV, and she still hasn’t made it through the series. However, the reason for this may surprise you. Here’s why Edie Falco stopped watching The Sopranos.

The Truth About Why Edie Hasn’t Seen The Sopranos

There are lots of actors out there who don’t really like watching their work because they don’t enjoy seeing themselves on screen. That isn’t the case for Edie Falco, though. Her reason for not wanting to watch The Sopranos has less to do with her and more to do with her castmates. During an interview with the Irish Times, Edie shared that she recently attempted to watch the series, but it was simply too sad. Falco went on to say, “It was too fraught, and a big part of that is Jim. “People die and you move on, then you see them on-screen, and it is too shocking. And Jimmy and I were kids then. Neither of us knew what we were doing, but we worked in the same way, not preparing, but like kids in a sandbox. Aida and I watched a few episodes and I said, ‘This is killing me.” In the interview, Edie was referencing the late James Gandolfini who died of a heart attack while vacationing in Rome in 2013. He was just 51 years old at the time of his death. What many people didn’t realize is that Edie and James were much more than just castmates. The two had a very tight bond and Edie has even referred to Gandolfini as her “soul mate” in acting.

According to the New York Post, Falco said, “I don’t know how to explain this. We were just really regular middle-class, suburban kids that were never supposed to become famous actors…I remember, when we got picked up for the second season, he said to me, ‘Yeah, well, I just have no idea what the hell we did, but we’ve got to try to do it again.’ And I said, ‘I hear you. I don’t know. We’ll figure something out'”. Edie went on to say, “He was totally un-actor-y, and was incredibly self-deprecating, and he was a real soul mate in that regard”. Even though it’s been nearly a decade since Gandolfini’s death, his memory continues to live on through people like Edie Falco and others who knew him well. Perhaps one day Edie will be able to sit down and appreciate all of the magic both she and James gave to The Sopranos.

Edie’s Favorite Scene From The Sopranos

Even though Edie has never seen The Sopranos in its entirety, she still has fond memories of her time filming the show. Of course, many of her favorite moments involve those she shared with Gandolfini. An article from Dankanator, Edie talked about one of her favorite scenes. She said, “There was one scene I forget. It was in the kitchen and he came home late and he hadn’t eaten, so I walked in and I go to the kitchen, get something out. I cook it up and he’s sitting and then I put it in front of him and then I sit next to him. I don’t think a word was said through the whole thing.” She continued, “It ended up being so moving and just so rich, you know. But it was one in a number of scenes that Jim and I had where we didn’t talk. And it’s such an opportunity I hadn’t had nor have I had it since then.” Since The Sopranos, Edie has remained a consistent presence in the entertainment industry. Some of her more recent credits include Tommy and American Crime Story. However, no matter how many more roles she goes on to play, The Sopranos will always have an extra special place in her heart.

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