The New Walking Dead Spinoff Reveal The Return Of Maggie And Negan

Excitement for the Walking Dead spinoff skyrocket as the new images reveal the long-awaited return of Negan and Maggie. The spinoff, “Dead City,” has been set to premiere in April 2023 and will contain a total of six episodes.

We first got a glimpse of The Walking Dead when it debuted in 2010 on AMC, running for an impressive 11 seasons. The final season was released on November 20, but we can all eagerly say that the critically-acclaimed horror series has only begun to grow. This can be seen from the three spinoff series that have already been produced and another three still undergoing production.

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The first of these Walking Dead spinoffs to be produced is Dead City. However, this was not the original name that had been given. In March, they announced the series but with the title Isle of the Dead but later this year, in August, they changed its name to Dead City. Production and filming were finally concluded in October, and Dead City will be premiered in April next year.

Maggie and Negan’s Epic Return

We all remember the fan favorites Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan, and Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The two will finally grace our screens again as the new images posted on Instagram by The Walking Dead have shown their return. All we can say is that we can’t wait for the Dead City zombie franchise and all it has in store for us.

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In the first image, we see Maggie, who has a new look that I might say is even cooler and better. The star is in a bar with a jacket and gloves on. The image speaks volumes as she is seated with her hair slicked back. The next photo shows Negan wearing a black leather jacket, pants, and a black shirt. From the photo, he appears to be staring at something out over a balcony. Finally, some action we’ve all been hoping for. In the last image, Maggie is holding a knife to Negan’s throat. But get this; he doesn’t even look slightly worried. He even seems to be smirking!

Details We Know So Far About The Long Awaited Walking Dead Spinoff

Even though we were all left heartbroken and shocked after Rosita’s death in The Walking Dead’s final season, many of the events were laid out perfectly to stage the newly produced spinoffs.

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Let’s start with “Rick and Michonne.” In the last few scenes during the final season, Rick and Michonne made new appearances ever since their departures. This made the perfect teaser for what “Rick and Michonne” has in store for us.

When we then look at the spinoff “Daryl Dixon,” we see the perfect setting for a new beginning. Daryl says goodbye to Carol as he leaves Alexandria on his own. Who wouldn’t want to see what trouble the sensation comes across in his journey?

Finally, what we can’t wait for, “Dead City.” In The Walking Dead series, we couldn’t really tell much about Negan’s future. But we all got to see that Maggie wanted to explore the world. She was able to in season 9 of The Walking Dead. This leads us to the spinoff “Dead City,” a New York-based story.

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The Walking Dead: Dead City Featuring Maggie and Negan

Cohan and Morgan have shown us hints about the spinoff since it was announced. No matter how much you try to know the plot, it’s simply impossible from the little information we have. However, we can tell that it happens a few years after The Walking Dead ends. We also don’t know why they decided to use New York, but many fans think it’s because she might be trying to find Rick and the CRM.

Credit: @amcthewalkingdead

Despite the strained relationship between Negan and Maggie, the two travel together. During their last conversation in the final season, Maggie makes it pretty clear that she would never forgive Negan for the death of Glenn. Even though he seemed remorseful at the time, we can see a hint that he will go back to his old self.

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