The Moon Theme from DuckTales Performed on an Electric Toothbrush

The Moon Theme from DuckTales Performed on an Electric Toothbrush

There are a couple of variations on the Ducktales Moon theme, but hearing it played on an electric toothbrush is kind of odd since obviously it takes someone that has a lot of time on their hands and either a lot of crazed ambition or some quality that keeps them from doing anything that people won’t look askance at. In any case if you’ve ever played the NES version of Ducktales you might feel a little nostalgic after listening to this, if you can remember playing it that is. Ducktales was one of many games that the NES came out with obviously and it wasn’t the most memorable unfortunately even with Uncle Scrooge McDuck as the main playable character. It was one of those games that was kind of there and then forgotten by a lot of people since in truth Ducktales has almost always been better as an animated series than anything else given that it’s a fun show that brought forth a lot of interesting characters in its first run and has even managed to do upon its return. A lot of younger folks today don’t remember the popular Disney Afternoon that included Ducktales, Talespin, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and occasionally another cartoon or two that would air along with the others.

Back then at least a couple of cartoons were connected as Ducktales and Darkwing Duck shared the character of Launchpad, but rarely was it seen that Darkwing would make his way to Duckburg as he kept to his own city more often than not. The Ducktales cartoon was much like the others in the Afternoon group in that it took from the pre-existing character list and created entire stories that revolved around Scrooge and his great-nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie as they often went on adventures and learned how to get along with each other. Being dropped off by their Uncle Donald, the one and only Donald Duck, the boys and Scrooge initially didn’t get along since Scrooge was kind of a miser and was more interested in making more money and in treasure hunting than he was his family. But as the series went on we got to learn more about Scrooge and why he’d become the way he was, and we got to see the boys get used to the old codger and even earn his trust and admiration and vice versa. The number of adventures the group went on was enough to make a person’s head spin with the possibilities of what could happen to a trio of kids since nothing Scrooge ever did was entirely safe and yet the boys weren’t innocent at all since they too did their best to make things as dangerous as possible at times. In fact the new version has gone even further since if anyone has watched it, and I’m certain many people have, the new Ducktales has gone even further into explaining certain things that we didn’t get to know much about in the first place, such as the boys’ mother, Donald’s sister.

Plus, Donald is more of a factor in the new version and the boys are far more intelligent and precocious than ever before, making for an immense challenge that helps to provide for a new level of entertainment that’s hard to pass up for some folks. With that in mind though the show has lost a good deal of its innocence as times have changed and the series had to change with it. But looking further into that one can see that a lot of what Disney has done was never fully innocent since the subject matter and the plot of each episode has at times kind of run off the rails and become something that in real life would be absolutely horrifying to see in regards to children and how they were exposed to certain dangers. The type of adventures that the triplets and Scrooge went on so routinely were the type that might require years of therapy given how much trauma might have been inflicted upon each one of them. Plus, the fact that Scrooge has his own sordid past that he never used to talk about is something that makes the story just a little darker at times since the rich uncle character is something of a quandary when it comes to the rest of his family.

It’s a little hard to focus on a single musical theme in this entire show since there’s just so much to see and pay attention to. Even in the game there was a great deal to focus on apart from the music since it was a little difficult until one figured out the ins and outs and all the tricks that were needed to pass the various levels. All in all remembering one theme out of the whole game feels kind of pointless.

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