The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers – State of Play Recap

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers – State of Play Recap

Did anyone else feel as though this episode kind of flew by in order to cap off the season and give the audience a happy ending. Oh yes, there are spoilers coming, just so people don’t get confused as to why we’re recapping the finale. The last episode showed the Don’t Bothers reaching the championships as the obvious underdogs since their team had only formed recently and they were still made up of individuals that were a little less than skilled but had more than enough heart to make up for it. Some might want to retch at that super-sweet thought, but the reality of it is that while skill is bound to beat out heart more often than not, heart and determination, along with at least enough skill to play the game, always have a fighting chance at least. The Don’t Bothers are a special case though, since they have two former Ducks on their roster and have been growing in skill and becoming a tightly-knit team since they first got started. Plus, they have Gordon Bombay, who became known as one of the greatest hockey coaches in Minnesota until he disappeared. To make a long story short, the Don’t Bothers rolled into the finals after facing their biggest challenge, the Lumberjacks, who looked old enough to drive themselves to the arena. Unfortunately, the Don’t Bothers had to bow out following the revelation that Sofi had injured her knee and was attempting to skate injured. When a physician tells you that it will take just one wrong hit to put you on the shelf for a while, it’s time to listen. But Sofi, who was taught to play through the pain and just win, was adamant about suiting up and mad at Evan once again for revealing the secret. That lasted about as long as it took for the team to come together and declare that her health was more important than the win, which meant that since the team was down a player, the Don’t Bothers forfeited the game. 

One might have thought that the Ducks would be a little more gracious in their false victory, but leave it to Coach T to be the egotistical individual we’ve learned that he is, since gloating over the ‘win’ wasn’t enough. When issued a challenge to play at the Ice Palace to see who was really better, Coach T made a stipulation that if the Don’t Bothers lost, they would quit the league and just go away. Thankfully, Gordon countered with the demand that if the Don’t Bothers won, they would take the Ducks’ name, since Coach T had no idea what it meant to be a Duck. It all sounds pretty sappy and kind of thrown together in a way, but at the same time it’s the kind of spirit that comes straight from the original movies, including the part in which Gordon, seeing that the team needs a bit of inspiration after the second period, busts out the old Ducks jerseys. The look on Coach T’s face was absolutely great once the green and yellow was flashing around the ice, and it was even better when the Don’t Bothers showed the Ducks that it’s not wise to underestimate people. Another fun bit of development came when Stephanie, who started out being such a pain in the neck, but was revealed to be yet another over-stressed individual putting on a brave face, made it clear at the end of the game that Coach T couldn’t give the name away. Since she was the head of the Ducks organization it was up to her to make the switch, and once again, the shock on Coach T’s face was absolutely great when she handed it over without any fuss. 

All in all, this first season was interesting since it was a new look at the Ducks and what can happen to a dynasty when it lasts a little too long, and when the idea of fun gives way to the idea of simply winning. The first season of Game Changers has definitely been an eye-opener but has also had plenty of smile-inducing cringe that a lot of people can probably relate to at some point in their lives. With that in mind, there’s no idea as of yet if there’s going to be a second season, but a lot of people are already putting stock in it since the idea of one season being all that this story is worth doesn’t hold a lot of water with a lot of people. How the story will progress is hard to say, other than to see how the Don’t Bother’s adjust to taking on the mantle of the Mighty Ducks. But one can imagine that there would be a revenge arc for Coach T at some point. 

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