The Middle Season 6 Episode 23 Review: “Mother’s Day Reservations”

The Middle

Frankie has seen her fair share of less than exciting Mother’s Day gifts in the past, so it was about time she raised her expectations for the holiday on The Middle last night.  Things didn’t go exactly according to plan, but we definitely got another entertaining episode because of it!

Mike accepts the task of making reservations for tea at a popular new tea shop for the family.  Unfortunately, that task is much easier said than done.  In this modern age of technology, reservations are only accepted online.  It wasn’t even Mike’s age showing when he couldn’t figure out where to click on the website.  His younger employees couldn’t even help him figure it out, as he accidentally ordered two tea sets.  In the end, the family had to wait the normal amount of time for regular walk-ins since his reservations never did go through the system.  Hey, Frankie can’t say Mike didn’t try!

The kids were finally old enough to buy Frankie a gift themselves.  It took at least three trips to the store to pick something out, but their shopping scenes were some of the funniest.  For some odd reason, they decided their mom would really love wooden salad hand mixers.  Luckily, Axl also had a backup present of a custom coupon book, which came in handy when Frankie forgot to get her own mother a gift and coaxed the kids into letting her have their gift for her to use!

Over the course of the week leading up to Mother’s Day, Frankie dared to ask her kids what they would do different when they’re parents.  The subject came up when Sue was thinking out loud about all the variety of courses she could take in college, and Frankie was encouraging her to follow her dreams, unlike her own mother who was always more conservative.  The real moral of the episode came from this storyline, as I’m sure everyone can relate to having similar conversations with your own parents.  If not yet, you will someday.  Trust me.  And expect your parents to be as offended as Frankie and her mother were, but give them time and they’ll realize it’s human nature to always want to be better for your own kids.  It’s also all about perspective.  Axl and Sue didn’t have many major bones to pick with Frankie, but Brick really had a long list of grievances.  He’s the baby of the family, and as we well know, he’s borderline neglected.  He literally was mixed up as a baby and went home with the wrong family after he was born!  This can only mean that if and when the time comes for him to have his own children, he’ll be way more attentive to every aspect of their lives.

Notable quotables:

– “These aren’t the junk drawers. This is the junk drawer.” -Frankie motioning to her head after Sue’s only complaint was that she wishes she was more organized as a mother

– Server: “We have a table of six for the Heck party!”

Mike: “I wouldn’t call it a party.”

Enjoy your own Mother’s Day weekend and be sure to come back for Sue’s graduation in the season finale next week!

[Photo credit: Michael Ansell/ABC]

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