‘The Killer’ is Coming to Netflix in November

‘The Killer’ is Coming to Netflix in November
The Killer Netflix

credit: The Killer

The Killer is coming to Netflix in November. This is one of the many movies that the streaming service is pushing in the coming months. Starring Michael Fassbender, the movie has to do with an assassin that botches a job and finds himself on the run from his employers shortly after. It’s a story that’s been told more than once but in many different ways. 

Fassbender has shown an incredible range for an actor since he’s taken on several different roles in his career. The role of an assassin is something he’s done before but in a different era. This movie already sounds as though it’s going to follow the pattern that many other movies have used. A hitman on the run or an international assassin that suddenly has a crisis of conscience is a common story that has cropped up over the years. 

The reason for these movies is often to show that humanity can be redeemed. Those skilled and employed in the art of killing often get a bad reputation in the movies. Some are seen as good people who do bad things when necessary. Seeing Fassbender take on such a role isn’t that surprising. 

The Killer Netflix

credit: Prometheus

Fassbender has explored an emotional range in the movies

There are plenty of actors who have taken on very different roles. Fassbender is one of those who has taken on parts that range from highly emotional to absolutely stoic. His many roles over the years haven’t defined him as any one thing. But they have shown that he can take on just about any role and make it work. 

His time on the big screen has managed to gain him a reputation that isn’t the most popular in Hollywood, but he definitely an elite actor. The fact that he and so many others have gone to Netflix and other streaming channels for work is interesting. It shows a shift in the industry as well as a desire to showcase the skills that help to keep actors employed. 

At one time, it was thought that actors who had starred on the big screen were taking a demotion by starring in streaming movies. However, the truth is that many actors enjoy acting in Netflix movies and other streaming services. 

The Killer is bound to show him as a man in need of redemption

An assassin movie is often led by a character that is in need of redemption, vengeance, or something equally difficult to attain. The movies often show those employed in the act of killing as they come to a crossroads in life. The idea is that the assassin has seen too much death or is simply tired of what they’re doing. The story then evolves in several different ways. 

A hired killer is essentially seen as a tool in the movies. When the tool shows signs of breaking down or becoming less than useful, the agency that hires the assassin will attempt to eliminate them somehow. When this happens, a chase tends to occur, and the assassin is seen to evolve past their killer mode. Or it’s seen that the killer is more complex than their employers think.

There are many different ways to showcase an assassin to make them more appealing to the audience. 

The Killer Netflix

credit: 300

Portraying a skilled killer is nothing new for Fassbender

Michael has portrayed several dangerous characters during his career. Stelios, from 300, is one of the most notable since he was also one of the most obvious. But he’s also played Magneto in the X-Men movies, meaning he can also be cold and calculating. His time spent in Prometheus and Covenant as David, the murderous android, makes a case for his casting in this movie.

On the other hand, he’s also shown that he can portray a gentleman and a very learned individual. His range is great enough that a role as an assassin could aid him in showing several emotions that could serve him well. It’s going to be a while, but this movie sounds like it will be worth watching. 

The movie is one of several that will be coming to Netflix 

Several movies are coming to Netflix in 2023, and it’s easy to state that fans will be watching expectantly for many of them. The big-name stars that years ago were usually exclusive to big movies have gravitated toward streaming channels. This has been highly advantageous for those who don’t make it to the movie theater that often. 

Watching Fassbender has been a joy for a lot of fans. With any luck, this will be another movie that many people will remember fondly. 

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