The History of Roseanne to The Conners

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Roseanne was a popular yet twisted sitcom when it premiered in 1988 and ran until 1997 for its first run, and like most series these days, Roseanne was revived with a new tenth season after the original nine-season run had premiered from 1988 to 1997. However, the show’s history only started to get darker outside of its already cloudy past. From the revival with the tenth season, ABC renewed the series for an eleventh season. Still, due to a series of racist tweets directed at a member of the Obama Administration, the series was almost instantly canceled. Still, the series ultimately lived on as a new series on ABC without Roseanne Barr instead of the eleventh season as a new series called The Conners. Below, we’ve detailed Roseanne, the unique sitcom with dark and comedic but grounded elements, the various issues that have plagued the show over the years, and the new iteration of Roseanne without the lead comedian that created the series, The Conners.

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As stated above, Roseanne started as an 80s sitcom at the end of the decade in 1988, with comedian Roseanne Barr leading the cast with John Goodman as her husband Dan, and the rest of the family and main cast portrayed by Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, Michael Fishman, Natalie West, Sarah Chalke, Emma Kenney, and more to make up the rest of the cast of Roseanne. Characters portrayed by actors Michael Fishman and Lecy Goranson have been recast before, with Fishman replacing the original child actor for DJ and Lecy Goranson’s character replaced by Sarah Chalke until she was given a different role in Rosanne and The Conners. The characters portrayed by Emma Kenney, Ames McNamara, and Jayden Rey were added to Roseanne in the revival season, season 10, and played the character from Roseanne in The Conners when it premiered without Roseanne. Previous writer for Roseanne‘s original run, Norm Macdonald, joined the series as a writer for eight of the nine episodes that premiered for the revival season.

Roseanne to The Conners

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Issues That Changed Roseanne to The Conners

From the earlier mentioned slew of racist tweets from Roseanne Barr, which she later blamed on the use of Ambien, the series was canceled by ABC. Although Roseanne was renewed for a new eleventh season overall and what would have been the second revival season, it was eventually reshaped from a possible spinoff based on Darlene to a spinoff that featured the entire cast of Roseanne, minus Barr herself. However, without any distaste towards the cast or crew of the show, Roseanne ultimately agreed to forfeit all rights to the spinoff, The Conners, to save the jobs of those involved with the series. The tweets, numerous apologies, and additional tweets that seemingly contradicted her earlier apologies only made issues worse between the cancelation and new revival series as Wanda Sykes had left the show due to the events, and Emma Kenney requested to leave the revival season. Even reoccurring cast member and ex-husband of Barr, Tom Arnold, previously notified ABC of such tweets. Overall, Roseanne did forfeit the rights to the revival series of her once-beloved show when it was canceled for a spinoff to live on. Still, when the series was canceled in May 2018, in June, The Conners was officially ordered and quickly premiered its first episode in October.

John Goodman Goranson

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The Conners

As The Conners premiered quickly and filled the slot Roseanne was initially destined to occupy following the cancelation, ABC had fulfilled its announcement to carry on the series with the entire cast without Roseanne Barr. Additional cast members added to The Conners as prominent, reoccurring, or guest roles included Jay R. Ferguson, Maya Lynn Robinson, Katey Sagal, Natalie West, Noel Fisher, Nat Faxon, Johnny Galecki, Brian Austin Green, Christopher Lloyd, William H. Macy, and several others. However, outside of his control, the role of DJ was written off the series, according to Michael Fishman. While originally it was stated by the creative team that Roseanne’s racist tweets would be addressed in the series, her absence was mentioned in a much different way than anticipated compared to her true removal from the series. In the first episode of The Conners, the characters immediately address the fact that Roseanne wasn’t attached to the series by ensuring that her death was a way for the character never to make a return to the series due to an opiate overdose. The tenth season of Roseanne addressed a recent knee surgery for the character. Still, the revival of Roseanne as The Conners showcased the more profound opioid crisis in America in which Roseanne hid pills and got them from unprescribed sources.

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