The Future of Jurassic World Feels More Like the End

The Future of Jurassic World Feels More Like the End
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The 90s was a strong decade for movies since a lot of technological wonders were able to come out and wow the audience in a very big way, since one has to remember that The Matrix came out near the end of the 90s, while Jurassic Park came in the early 90s. Dinosaurs have been a favorite topic of many people for a long time now, but Jurassic Park went on to cause a serious resurgence in the love of the ancient beasts that captivated the imaginations of so many. Years later, the story has only grown in importance as the Jurassic Park movies, which were faltering, no matter what anyone said, gave way to Jurassic World, which was essentially the same story, but with different characters and much bigger mistakes that were potentially worse since much like the huge mistake that was made in Jurassic Park II, the genetically-altered creatures were able to leave their island home or were carried from their home after it became a volcanic wasteland. In other words, humans made the mistake of bringing these creatures to life, and then they couldn’t bring themselves to erase that mistake. 

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The story was supposed to be about wonder, but small surprise, it became more about greed and degradation. 

Trying to bring back something that was slated for natural selection by a world that knows how to take care of itself better than those who live upon it was one of the worst ideas that anyone could have thought up, but it was a  great idea for a story, at least for a couple of movies. But whatever the box office numbers said back in the day, the first movie was received the best, and the first Jurassic World movie was well received. While Dominion might have put up the kind of numbers that make people feel that it’s a success, it was still a tough sell to a lot of fans since it feels as though this story should have ended after the Jurassic Park movies. Plus, what was supposed to be a theme park to give a piece of the ancient world to the current generations became a tool that was used for greed and to turn a few of the dinosaurs into weapons, which didn’t turn out so well. 

Messing with the natural world usually doesn’t turn out well for those in the story, but it does work for a movie, at least for a little while. 

The mention that this story will continue is enough to make a lot of people roll their eyes since the idea is something that has been kicked around and redone a few times over the years, and it’s become a tired and overused story that can still be changed up in several ways, but hasn’t really changed much in this franchise. Think of it this way, in the Jurassic Park movies, there was an attempt to create a big bad creature for each movie, but at the end of the day, the two dinosaurs that people paid the most attention to were the T.Rex and the velociraptors, neither of whom were accurate in their portrayal, according to archaeologists and many other enthusiasts. In the Jurassic World movies, we saw the I.Rex and one monstrosity after another that attempted to take center stage, but in the end, it usually comes down to the T.Rex being the fan favorite. 

Jurassic World Dominion features huge 'new' dinosaur Dreadnoughtus

credit: Jurassic World: Dominion

Unfortunately, this story needs a seriously new direction, or it just needs to end. 

The constant dilemma has been about the idea to show people of the world a new attraction, but sadly without regard for what could happen since even beasts created in a lab are going to be wild thanks to the genes that are being utilized. Creating something docile is not in the cards if a person wants it to be ‘cool’ and capable of amazing others. But the story has gone from being new and innovative, as it was back in the 90s, to stale and overdone, as the Jurassic World movies eventually became. If a new direction can be found, and new actors can be used to bring it to life, then maybe something can be done. But if the general idea is to keep going back to the drawing board to make the idea work, then it’s time to let it go and just say goodbye. 

In reality, if genetically-modified creatures such as these were ever created, it’s a testament to how humanity is bound to bring about our own destruction. 

Think about it, these things aren’t impervious to harm, but their thick hides do allow them to take a serious amount of damage. Animals that can survive in the wild and have natural weaponry and abilities that can outstrip what humans can do, and even mess with the technology that’s available, could possibly become the dominant life forms on the planet. But if that type of movie were to ever be made, one can imagine that it would still need a seriously great story. 

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