The Five Worst Spoof Movies Ever Made

Spoof movies are older than people think since they’ve been a part of the cinematic experience for a while and are usually pretty funny since they take some of the most well-known tropes in Hollywood and either tear them apart while mocking them, or they embrace them fully and just run with them. When a lot of people hear ‘spoof movie’ they probably think immediately of the Scary Movie franchise, and while a few of those turned out to be insanely funny, after the Wayans brothers left the franchise things started to go downhill a bit. While they were still funny it was harder to see the overall humor at times, and the intelligent but wacky sense of humor kind of faded a bit. But once spoof movies of this caliber really started to get going it was enough to make a person shake their head since the copycats really started to get out of control. Some people might disagree and say that some of these movies were undeniably hilarious, but there are plenty of people that would beg to differ simply because, while they might be good for a laugh and might have made a bit of money, these spoof movies were nowhere near the same caliber as the first Scary Movie.

Here are five of the worst spoof movies ever made.

5. Disaster Movie

The movie is aptly named at least since it’s a walking disaster that simply rolls from start to finish while taking advantage of multiple characters, situations, and disasters that are available for use. There was a big run on spoof movies for a while, but this one has the feel of someone that just walked into a bar at last call and could only partake of a bit of the fun before having to check out. The movie did make its budget back but apart from that, it was kind of a commercial flop since it was kind of obvious at this point that a lot of people were getting a bit tired of the epic spoof movies that went all out in trying to create a cohesive story.

4. Fifty Shades of Black

Admittedly it’s a little surprising to see that a spoof movie featuring Marlon Wayans and Mike Epps as something that was less than successful since both men are exceedingly funny, and the supporting cast that was selected for the movie was actually kind of fun to see. But the story and the execution was just a big hope from the get-go. Despite the movie’s ability to make a decent chunk of money from its meager budget it just wasn’t something that people were willing to get behind for a number of reasons, one of those likely being that a story such as Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t bound to be a movie that could be successfully spoofed.

3. Vampires Suck

As much as people might have wanted to see the Twilight movies spoofed, it was something that was bound to hit a sour note with a lot of fans that happened to enjoy the original story. Something along the lines of ‘trifle not with teenage girls’ should have been posted to those that were thinking that this would be a good idea, since taking something that everyone can enjoy laughing at is all well and good, but once that double standard hits and the idea of making fun of something that hits so many young women in the feels strikes, it’s usually best for the box office if a filmmaker steers clear from an idea that could alienate them from so many potential fans. Honestly, a lot of young women didn’t have a great sense of humor when trying to make fun of Twilight.

2. Date Movie

Between the idea of dating and meeting the parents of one’s significant other there is a ton of material that can be used. The problem is that this kind of went for the gross factor in a way that wasn’t entirely effective given that at one point the ‘date doctor’ pulled a whole chicken wing from the main actress’s teeth, which was just disgusting but was still only one of the many things that happened during the course of this movie. There were definitely funny moments that deserved a good laugh, but a lot of this movie went so far overboard that nothing was bound to save it.

1. Epic Movie

Oh, to be in the writer’s room when ideas are buzzing around like flies over rotten food. Yeah, that’s the image that comes to mind when thinking of this movie since without trying to be too unkind, this movie reeked simply because it took decent actors and great stories and curb-stomped them to such a degree that if not for the strength of said stories their reputation might have been in serious trouble. But thankfully it’s easy enough to pocket this idea and send it cascading back to whatever dung heap it was plucked from.

Spoof movies are usually pretty funny, but every now and then they kind of miss the point.

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