The Five Best Josh Duhamel Movies of His Career

The Five Best Josh Duhamel Movies of His Career

The Five Best Josh Duhamel Movies of His Career

Josh Duhamel has enjoyed a career that has thus far seen him as a hunk and a handsome face in the eyes of many women and a decent to great actor in the eyes of everyone else. He does have lot going for him since he can take on a role and make it his own in various ways depending on what the project he’s working on calls for. For instance he can do drama, he can do comedy, and he can do action. He can even incorporate all those elements into one movie if he’s asked to do so since it’s been seen in a few of his movies that this is in fact something that he’s asked to do. And yet for all that there is some quality that keeps him from being mentioned with those that are just action stars or just drama stars, something that allows his acting style to remain fluid so that it doesn’t become locked in to one particular genre at any given time. Honestly, you wouldn’t call him an action star or a comedian or anything else, you’d simply call him an actor and leave it at that.

Here are some of his best movies.

5. When In Rome

Legends of love are often tricky and very convincing things to those that either have never experienced it or have had their hearts stomped on once or twice. But when Beth gathers a handful of coins from a certain fountain in Rome she finds herself beset by several suitors to whom the coins belonged. While their love is a part of the effect and not at all genuine, unbeknownst to them, she is indeed falling in love with one man that she believes owns one of the tokens. When she returns the coins back to the men the spell is broken and she finds that the man of her dreams reciprocates her feelings, but she still needs to be certain before they can start their lives together.

4. Love, Simon

Being in high school is hard enough, but being gay and having to come out seems harder still since the reaction of so many seems to be a mixed bag that many people don’t want to face. Simon is in love with a young man that he desperately wants to hook up with, though so far their interactions have been kept online and he has no idea who the young man really is. When he gets outed to the rest of the school by someone that he was trying to help however life just gets more complicated as all those that care about him feel as though he should have told them. Upon apologizing for any deception however he’s welcomed back with open arms, and eventually he gets to meet the young man that he was so head over heels for.

3. Life As We Know It

Kids do tend to disrupt things a bit when it comes to an adult’s life, but the greatest thing is that for as much of an interruption as they can be, their mere presence can also help to bring people closer together. Despite the fact that Holly and Messer don’t get along they tend to agree that Sophie is the most important part of their lives at some point. When Messer is given the chance to take a job in Phoenix however things almost go off the rails since he does end up leaving. He comes back however, and after some very serious thinking he decides that they’re meant to be a family, much as Sophie’s parents seemed to believe.

2. Safe Haven

Healing comes in ways that we’re not always expecting and when we’re not ready for it, but all the same it becomes a driving force in our lives that we eventually come to accept. When Erin, who takes the name Katie when she flees her abusive husband, ends up in Southport she begins to fall for Alex, a local store owner and widower with two kids. After a while she begins to grow close to them, and along with the help of a friendly neighbor she begins to build a life that is worth something and that benefits all of them. It’s not until the end of the movie that she realizes that her friend was Alex’s ex-wife, or her spirit, looking over all of them as she tried to help her family move on and accept Erin.

1. Transformers

For all the criticism that these movies have taken it’s still great to acknowledge this first live-action Transformers movie since the effects were out of this world and the story wasn’t too bad either. The customary sound that came when the Transformers shifted from vehicle to robot form was one of the best things about it, but it was also the fact that a lot of us that grew up with this cartoon got to finally see it represented on the big screen for the first time.

Josh is definitely one of those that seems like a jack of all trades.

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