The Five Best Hijacking Thrillers of All-Time

The Five Best Hijacking Thrillers of All-Time

The Five Best Hijacking Thrillers of All-Time

Hijacking movies are a bit terrifying since they’re something that can happen in the real world. As a matter of fact this kind of thing has happened in the past and movies have been based around the true stories since to be fair they do make for great cinema. The only part to remember is that not only are such stories terrifying to think about, but they’re often fatal for some of those that are involved. Hijackers often have very different motives for what they do despite a lot of them doing this kind of thing for money. The one thing that sets hijacking movies apart from other movies that deal with terrorists however is that hijackers tend to take over conveyances such as planes, ships, subway cars, and other such vehicles in order to stake their demands and get the attention of those that have the kind of pull and authority to meet their demands. When such movies are set inside buildings or anything that doesn’t move it’s not typically called a hijacking, though terrorism does take many forms obviously. In a lot of cases it’s horrible to even think about, but for the sake of this article the level of dedication and difficulty that comes with such an act makes it appear that much worse, largely because the ability to take over anything that moves offers a type of mobility that makes the situation even more dangerous.

Here are some of the best hijacking movies of all time.

5. The Taking of Pelham 123

Some folks might wonder why I didn’t bother to put the remake up considering that it featured a host of celebrities that are a little more recognizable in this day and age, but the original was still better than the remake as many would probably agree with. For such a simple motive this movie turned out to be something that was actually rather thrilling considering that the level of action wasn’t quite as intense as the other movies on this list. But the story was something that many people were able to get into and the acting was quite nicely done, which is why it’s earned a spot as one of the best.

4. Con Air

This one might have been higher up on the list had it taken place almost completely in the air, but it’s still worth the mention since it was a fun movie to watch and the action was, at the time, pretty much on point and engaging enough for a lot of people. There have actually been several references made to this movie over the years so it did make an impression on a lot of people and it was a movie that has withstood the test of time fairly well since a lot of people would still watch it. Of course the fact that a former Army Ranger is on a plane full of convicts is kind of a glaring setup, but it was entertaining anyway.

3. Under Siege

A hijacking on land is something that’s terrifying enough, but these are typically a little less so simply because unless one is stuck in the middle of nowhere without any possibility of help there’s usually a response team that can be called in if they know about the situation. At sea, with highly-trained individuals that are performing the hijacking, it’s kind of hard to see just how anyone would manage to get themselves out of such a situation. The only thing that can really be said about this is that there’s no way a Steven Seagal movie was ever going to go any other way when it comes to the good guy taking on the bad guys as a lone wolf.

2. Air Force One

Anyone else want Harrison Ford as the president? Not only is he a capable fighter but he’s seen as a man that will stand with his people and not just jump ship as everyone expects him to do. The idea of this movie is that America does not negotiate with terrorists, though the president does give in when his family is threatened. Granted, many of us might do the exact same thing if our families were on the chopping block. But at the very least he did manage to take control of the plane once again and take care of the token evil general that was about to walk free from prison, all while delivering one of the greatest lines in cinema.

1. Captain Phillips

The fact that this is based on a true story is what makes it even more horrifying since the idea of being boarded while at sea by gun-toting pirates is something that many a sailor might fear. Out in the open water it is possible to radio for help, but it’s also likely that the situation is bound to get worse before it gets better. This was proven in a big way when the pirates actually boarded and imposed their will upon the crew.

A good hijacking movie will give a lot of people goosebumps. And don’t think we didn’t think of Passenger 57, Toy Soldiers, and plenty of others.

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