The Five Best Cyndi Lauper Songs of the 80s

Cyndi Lauper is a person that you might love or you might find curious and fascinating, but very people ever say that they really don’t like her. The music she’s released throughout the years has been something between curiously pleasing and absolutely wonderful since she puts so much of herself into her music and her performance. In many ways how you looked at the 80s is likely to be how you looked at Cyndi since she was one of those that got so fully into the decade and all it stood for that trying to separate her from the 80s has taken a while, especially considering that she’s successfully allowed it to blend into the current era by still dressing very much the same as she used to and becoming the kind of icon that managed to weather the years with as much grace and poise as possible while almost being forgotten by a lot of people. But if you’ve ever listened to or watched her you’d know that she’s very hard to forget.

Here are some of Cyndi Lauper’s best songs of the 80s.

5. I Drove All Night

You should be able to recognize this song since it did make an appearance in the 2000s thanks to Celine Dion. But the original creator of the song was Roy Orbison, who’s been all but forgotten when it comes to the track. Cyndi however put her own spin on it and in the 80s made it into something that you can’t help but love since she’s one of those artists that helped make the 80s. In many ways she made this decade her own through a lot of determination and just being who she was without any compromise. You can only imagine how much hardship she had to go through in order to reach this pinnacle.

4. The Goonies R Good Enough

When you think of the Goonies then you likely think of Cyndi Lauper largely because she did make a song that went with the movie and because she was one of the ultimate 80s personalities. Now the video might not have made a lot of sense since you didn’t happen to see any WWF, yes, not WWE yet, stars in the film but the whole essence of the track was great since it did make it into the movie for a little bit and did kind of cap off the whole feeling that was being created. If you loved Cyndi then you probably loved the Goonies, and vice versa. The two were actually pretty compatible to be honest.

3. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Lou Albano was definitely prominent in at least a couple of Cyndi’s videos since you see him here as well. But this song was one that helped to define the 80s and even went further into the 90s as though to help keep her status as a symbol of what women could be if they wanted. Cyndi isn’t exactly a no-nonsense type but she is the kind of strong-hearted individual that doesn’t back down in the face of adversity so much as she weathers the increasingly difficult tide of opinion. Her songs show as much and have inspired many people throughout the years as she’s worked with many causes that she decided to champion.

2. Time After Time

There’s always been a softer side to Cyndi as well that a lot of people didn’t bother to see past the hair, the makeup, and the wild-child attitude that was so prominent in the 80s. In fact she’s a woman of very deep feeling that knows what hardship is about and has taken it upon herself to discover many times in her life. Her biography reads like that of someone that has made the conscious choice to finally step away from the more toxic aspects of her life and do things her own way. In fact that’s pretty much what she did since she left home and went on to become her own person and create her own fame.

1. True Colors

This is a big wedding song to be honest, and it’s also one that’s touching enough to be the song that belongs to many a loving couple. Cyndi has made such a name for herself being kind of the bad girl that’s not really bad but kind of lovable that it’s easy to believe her as the girl that has a heart of gold and cares about others in a very deep and meaningful way. This song is one of those that’s been kind of half-buried by time but is thankfully easy to find and to enjoy.

Throughout her career Cyndi has known plenty of hard times but she’s managed to persevere and make the best of it. To this date she still looks very much as she did in the 80s, and honestly it’s absolutely impressive, as well as pleasing to those that grew up in the 80s.

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