The Five Best Buu Characters from Dragon Ball

The Five Best Buu Characters from Dragon Ball

The Five Best Buu Characters from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is filled to the brim with powerful characters that you wouldn’t ever want to tangle with if you were a cartoon. But the Majin Buu is perhaps one of the worst of the lot since he looks like a big wad of bubblegum that gets stretched, inflated, and then minimized depending on what form he’s occupying. In any form he takes he’s trouble, but overall it kind of depends on what form he’s currently in when it comes to what kind of damage he’s going to dish out and how receptive he is to stopping his path of destruction. Out of all the villains and other characters in the Dragon Ball series Buu is perhaps one of the toughest even though he looks like a big pink cousin to the Pillsbury Doughboy. If you’ve ever watched Dragon Ball however then you already know that appearances don’t tend to mean much when it comes to gauging the kind of power a character holds.

Here are the Buus that a lot of people think are the best.

5. Fat Buu

Fat Buu is the least intimidating of the bunch from a certain standpoint but it still capable of causing widespread destruction. When he’s told to stop since he’s hurting people however he does so and eventually calms down. Unfortunately Fat Buu is eventually absorbed by his evil side until Vegeta rips him out and eventually fuses with Uub to become Majuub. You can see where this is going already since the fusions and the power-ups and the continuation of said story lines is something that fans are usually up on. Somehow though the whole series just keeps chugging along and people eat it up without pause.

4. Kid Buu

Kid Buu is the most diminutive aspect of this character but he’s still quite tough. Despite being smaller he’s also one of the most evil incarnations of Buu and has the kind of power he needs to be a worldbreaker if so desired. This makes him one of the more powerful characters in the story and one that the heroes need to approach carefully since he has no sense of sanity and therefore nothing in the way of impulse control. It’s like giving a kid the power of a god and then standing back and hoping that they’ll make good decisions. In Dragon Ball the only good decisions seem to be limiting the power of certain individuals, which rarely happens.

3. Super Buu

It’s a debate as to whether Super Buu is stronger and more powerful than Kid Buu or not but his capacity for rational thought is much greater and yet his capacity for cruelty is just as intense. He’s the form of Evil Buu after he’s absorbed Fat Buu, so in some ways the character of Buu seems almost like a Russian nesting doll that can go in reverse and forward as needs be. In a way it almost seems as though Buu is transforming at will simply because he wants to or because the different sides of his persona can’t decide who should be in charge at any given moment. It’s safe to say this is kind of a confusing character.

2. Evil Buu

Evil Buu seems even more powerful and has the advantage of even greater intelligence and the bulk of Buu’s powers. He can do so much that it seems almost impossible for anyone but the most powerful of beings to even contest with him. In so many ways this character seems to metamorphose in ways that don’t seem natural for any story and yet he continues to get greater and greater each time he changes. One thing you can say for the creators of Dragon Ball is that they really don’t like limits when it comes to power and the devastation that a single being can wreak upon a world.

1. Majuub

Majuub is another confusing character since he seems to be a fusion between Uub, a human warrior and the reincarnation of Kid Buu, and another aspect of Buu that merge together. It’s a lot to keep up with unless you’re fan but it would appear that Majuub is one of the most powerful incarnations as well and is able to dish out a great deal of damage to anyone standing in his way. With as many powerful characters in the annals of Dragon Ball you kind of have to stand in awe of how many worlds still remain intact when a lot of the villains seem to be able to tear things apart without that much effort.

But in truth as powerful as the villains get the heroes get to be just as powerful if not more so as a means of balancing things out. Dragon Ball is a bit much at times for those that aren’t fans but it can be very entertaining.

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