The First 7 Minutes of Mortal Kombat Looks Pretty Awesome

The First 7 Minutes of Mortal Kombat Looks Pretty Awesome

The First 7 Minutes of Mortal Kombat Looks Pretty Awesome

Some folks might have said it was a mistake to release the first seven minutes of the Mortal Kombat movie before it hit HBO Max, but in truth it probably fueled the overall appetite for the carnage that many of the fans of the popular franchise might have felt. For those that weren’t keeping track of who was playing who it became kind of obvious when the action started since Joe Taslim’s portrayal of Sub-Zero was great and definitely brutal as he and his fellow Lin Kuei decimated Hanzo Hashashi’s clan, the Shirai Ryu, and killed his wife and son. There was no denying who Hanzo was after he picked up the gardening tool and tied the rope through its handle, creating a cruder version of his famed weapon from the game. Even better was when he used it with such brutal efficiency, whipping it about like a rope dart and using it up close as well, slaughtering the Lin Kuei that attacked him. The fight with Bihan was bound to be much tougher however since both of them were expert fighters. But if anyone has seen the movie at this point they’ll know that the fight didn’t go in Hanzo’s favor as he fought valiantly, but in the end, was not a match for Sub-Zero.

The first seven minutes though were great since they established that Hanzo had a home, a family, and much to lose. What it didn’t do is explain why the Lin Kuei took so much from him, or if this is bound to be explained as a plan concocted by another character, Quan Chi, to pit the Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu against each other for his own purposes. With word that a sequel is likely to come, it’s fair to say that it might happen that we’ll see even more characters appear in the next movie, but as of now, it’s still more talk than action since the Mortal Kombat movie just released a couple of days ago and people are still watching it for the first time, while some are no doubt on their second or third viewing to try and find the many Easter eggs that are hidden throughout the movie. Likely as not, there are plenty to find since one has to think that if there are sequels coming that there will be plenty of hints and suggestions of things to come. The first movie is bound to set the pace, which is obviously fairly quick, while the second and possibly a third will go deeper into the mythos of MK in an effort to tell the story in a more comprehensive manner.

Things are bound to be quite a bit different from the original movies, which is a good thing really since while the first MK movie wasn’t too bad since it was the first movie in the franchise, the second was absolutely horrible. Hopefully this time around the sequel will be able to match and perhaps even surpass the first movie since already it’s looking as though the movie is relying on both practical and special effects that are blending nicely. But one can only imagine what’s coming since MK isn’t going to be bound by practical effects the entire time, especially given that most of the characters have one special ability or another that sets them apart from the others. It would already appear that the special effects aren’t going to be so over the top that they’ll end up dominating the movie, but one has to remember that we’re only seeing a fraction of the characters that are there to be offered, and it’s very possible that the sequel will be showing many more. Every MK character does have their own look, their own powers, and their own backstory, so it’s a hope that the movies will focus on just a handful of individuals, but Scorpion and Sub-Zero should be two among them that will be featured prominently since their feud is being used to start the movie and as a result, it should be something that’s there at all times, even if it doesn’t need to be the most important thing all the time. The fact that the movie started out with the feud between them is all kinds of awesome since no matter what else is going on in the movie, the classic feud is one of the reasons why people still play these games.

If the first seven minutes of this movie are these exciting then one can only imagine what the rest of the movie is going to be like and what kind of thrills are waiting for those that are bound to watch it. Obviously Scorpion and Sub-Zero aren’t the only characters present, but the fight between them is no doubt going to be epic.

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