The Best Uses of Meat Loaf Songs in Movies or TV

You could say that Meat Loaf didn’t have the easiest time growing up since his father was an alcoholic and he and his mother had to go around to various bars trying to find him sometimes. He was also around when JFK got shot and managed, along with many others, to feel the distinct depression of the moment that went with the violent act. After his mother passed he kind of lost all human contact for three months until a friend came and found him to try and bring him out of his funk. When he made his way to Los Angeles however his fortunes started to turn for the better when he created his own band started rolling. He’s been known on the music scene for decades and also transitioned into acting, which was kind of a switch but still worked since he’s created some interesting characters in his time.

Here are a few of his songs as seen on TV and in movies.

5. Grown Ups 2 – Bat Out of Hell

Okay, I couldn’t resist this one since when I saw Meat Loaf my mind went straight to this clip. In this movie, which wasn’t as well-received as the first one, the guys are starting to face the facts that they’re getting older and aren’t quite as relevant as they thought they were. But during an 80s-themed party in which everyone gets dressed up as their favorite 80s icon, they at least get to have a good time and try to remind themselves that the party’s not over just because life goes on, the party is always on no matter where until the break of dawn, or until folks need to hang it up for the night.

4. That’s My Boy – Everything Louder Than Everything Else

This is a pretty messed-up movie to be honest since it involves an issue that is very real and has been all too-pervasive in our culture at this time. When Donny is seduced by his teacher and then gets her pregnant he has no idea how to be a father when he’s still in junior high and as a result his son has a rather rotten upbringing that comes with a lot of anxieties and insecurities. When he’s about to get married however Donny shows back up, needing money of all things, and almost wrecks his son’s life again. Thankfully however he does the right thing and tries to be there for his son, only to realize that his son’s fiance is doing something just about as bad, actually pretty bad, with her own brother. Yeah, it’s that kind of screwed up.

3. Meat Loaf -Bat Out of Hell

Meat Loaf has been a favorite singer of many for a long time now, and Bat Out of Hell has actually been one of the best songs he’s ever created. It’s amusing to think that the name he took for his band was inspired by something his high school football coach would call him on account of his weight. You probably wouldn’t hear a coach say something like that today simply because they’d get sued or perhaps fired, or both possibly, for daring to talk about someone in a derogatory sort of way. But hey, Meat Loaf took it to heart and made a band out of it, thereby cementing his name in the halls of fame to come.

2. Sausage Party – I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

This is yet another messed up movie that Meat Loaf had something to do with but this goes above and beyond since it decides to anthropomorphize the foods we eat and give them voices. How many people didn’t look at a hot dog the same way after this movie? In any case it’s all about the foods in the market believing that the humans that pick them are gods and that they’re going to a better place once they leave the store. But then we get a full-detail account that would possibly make even a hardcore vegan or meat-lover toss their cookies since it goes into gory detail about what the foods are feeling when they’re being sliced, diced, and cooked.

1. The Vow – I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)

This is almost like 50 First Dates but from a very dramatic perspective since a car accident does rob Paige of her memories of her husband Leo, but he’s bound and determined to make her remember him in one way or another. The only problem is that after the accident she reverts back to a time when she loved her ex and didn’t even know Leo existed. He doesn’t give up however as he does whatever is necessary to rekindle their love. Eventually she does begin to try to reconnect with him, finding the reasons why she left her old life behind to be with Leo in the first place.

Meat Loaf is a great singer and a decent actor, proving that he’s a very talented man.

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