The Amazing Race Season 27 Episode 3 Review: “Where My Dogs At?”

The Amazing Race

This season of The Amazing Race is shaping up to be an interesting one, as the two feuding teams continue to place high in the pack, with one or the other consistently taking first place. This leaves the rest of the teams somewhat left behind, with seemingly no chance to ever win a leg. In a way, there’s been two different races being run. One between Justin/Diana and Tanner/Josh for first place and another between everyone else to not take last and be eliminated from the competition. As we get further into the race, one of the two leading teams is bound to stumble at some point, paving the way for more frontrunners. And with an Express Pass for Tanner/Josh and a double U-Turn coming up next week, this change might take place sooner than expected. For this week though, it was still very much a race between the two teams who’ve had it out for each other since the beginning.

To start this leg, Justin and Diana took the lead but were quickly caught up to by Tanner and Josh as well as the reporters, Kelsey and Joey. All three teams made it on the first bus to their next destination, remaining in Argentina. While on the bus, Tanner and Josh revealed a smart plan to Kelsey and Joey, telling them that whoever U-Turns Justin and Diana will receive their Express Pass once they use it. The boys not only view Justin as annoying, but also see what a threat he and Diana are in the game. Following them were the rest of the teams, all of whom except Ernest and Jin made it on the next bus. The homeless dancers didn’t manage to make it in time, giving them a huge disadvantage to start.

The three leading teams made it to the Roadblock at the same time, one that required a team member to properly hang meat and have it approved by a guacho. None of the men were particularly good at this, as it required great attention to detail, and all three were still working on it when the majority of the other teams arrived. Once again, Justin’s obnoxious behavior got on the nerves of Tanner and Josh, but this time even Joey and Kelsey were starting to get annoyed by him. With the guarantee of an Express Pass combined with discovering how frustrating Justin can be, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume this team would use the U-Turn on Justin and Diana without a second thought.

While Tanner and Josh finished the Roadblock, followed soon by Joey and Kelsey, the other teams started working on it. For Doctor Rick, it was an easy task, as he powered through the challenge and finished even before Justin, who had gotten there significantly earlier than the doctors, did. Everyone else struggled a bit, but they all managed to complete the challenge before Ernest and Jin made it there, leaving them still pretty far behind.

After completing the Roadblock, all the teams went on to the Detour that let them pick between dressing a horse or cleaning and delivering a carriage. Tanner/Josh and Kelsey/Joey picked to do Horse while Rick/Cindy went to do Carriage, inconveniently forgetting to grab the whip before leaving for their destination. This lost them a lot of time, as they had to walk all the way back to where they got the clue before returning to where they had to clean the carriage.

Meanwhile, Justin and Diana also chose to do Horse as other teams started finishing the Roadblock. Another task that challenged the teams, it was ultimately Tanner and Josh who finished it first, and they were quick to deliver their horse and find out the location of the next Pit Stop. Logan and Chris, Jazmine and Danielle, and Denise and James Earl all arrived at the Horse detour, as the teams already there continued to work on it. Unsurprisingly, it was Justin/Diana and Joey/Kelsey who finished next and started making their way to the Pit Stop.

With their misstep in the Detour, Rick and Cindy fell towards the bottom of the pack but managed to also finish their challenge, though now slightly behind Jazmine/Danielle and Denise/James Earl, who finished Horse rather quickly. At the same time, though, the cheerleaders, Tiffany and Krista, struggled with the Carriage detour as they finished it quickly but accidentally left to deliver their horse without the whip.

In the end, it was a footrace between Josh/Tanner and Justin/Diana for first place, with the bros managing to pull it off. Some trash talk was exchanged at the mat as Phil announced a double U-Turn coming up and Justin sent out a warning, saying that if the U-Turn was used on them, the team who did it better hope they went home. It’s clear these teams still very much have it out for each other, as both their personalities clash, and they view each other as threats.

Despite the other teams struggling through the challenges, Ernest and Jin were never able to catch up to them after not making it on the second bus. The boys worked hard and never gave up, but in the end, they couldn’t make up for that lost time. The cheerleaders were able to make it back, grab their whip, and get to the Detour well before the dancers could finish the challenges. For Ernest and Jin, being on the race was a great experience and one they definitely don’t regret. They’ve struggled a lot in life, and hopefully, nothing but good things are ahead for these brothers.

[Photo credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS]

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