That Time Paul Rudd and Jason Segel Were High Doing An Interview for “I Love You Man”

When promoting a film, the stars of said film often have to do interviews that they don’t really want to do, however it’s in their contract so making appearances and giving quotes about their roles, etc etc are necessary in order for them to get paid.  However, nowhere in their contract does it state that they have to be sober or even nice in their interviews.   Back in 2009 while giving an interview for the movie I Love You Man, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd were definitely not in the best of shape.

While there’s no definitive proof these guys were stoned during this interview I think you’ll find that after about 10 seconds of watching this that these guys were in no way 100%.  In fact this interview is probably better than many of the actual scenes in the film.

Seriously, how much fun do you think these guys must have had working on this movie?  This interview is one reason I’m jealous of movie stars.  To be quite honest, I rarely envy a movie star outside of the money they make but this interview is definitely one of those times I wish I was in their place.

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