What are Telegu Movies and How Can You Watch Them in the U.S.?

What are Telegu Movies and How Can You Watch Them in the U.S.?

What are Telegu Movies and How Can You Watch Them in the U.S.?

Telugu movies, also known as Tollywood, are those movies created by a segment of Indian cinema that’s been dedicated to producing motion pictures in the Telugu language. Since 1909 these short films have been made and have been featured in different regions throughout Asia to promote the films. In 1921 the first silent film in the Telugu style was made, which only increased its popularity within the region. In 1993 the East India Film Company produced its first film, Savitri, in Telugu. The budget for this film was about $15,000 US, or 1 million in the local currency.

The Telugu film industry originated with silent films.

As with a lot of other film studios Telugu films were silent at first and began in 1912, well after the technology had been produced and filming had begun in other parts of the world. Raghupathi  Venkaiah Naidu, who was considered one of the most important men in the filming industry within Asia after a while, was responsible for the movie Anusha Adusumalli. He helped to give rise to the silent film industry in Telugu and was instrumental in bringing Telugu to the world in some way.

Telugu cinema is responsible for 1 percent of the gross domestic product in its region.

This is how influential Telugu cinema is within its region, that it’s become this important and is able to generate this much revenue. A lot of other countries can’t even come close to boasting that much when it comes to what their cinematic budget brings to the table. The US does more than this obviously but it is one of a few that can make such a boast. This is something that is a very big deal for any country when their contribution to the economy becomes such a boon. It’s hard to think sometimes that entertainment can provide such a needed boost in the economy but the numbers don’t lie. People in all nations want a type of escape from their lives every now and again and the cinema provides that in a big way.

There are many different ways to enjoy Telugu movies within the US.

Seeing as how Telugu movies are very big business it’s not too hard to reason that there are many different channels and services that will carry them and thus give easy access to anyone with a device or a PC or even a smart TV. All of the services will cost something but some are cheaper than others and in some cases some of them are quite inexpensive and offer the same wide selection that people want. In terms of being a different type of cinema yet still using many recognizable elements, Telugu cinema is something that some folks have found is quite refreshing as it gives them a take on a different culture with the Americanized spin that takes place so often.

A few different options that a person can try when attempting to view Telugu movies are YouTube, Sling TV, Hotstar USA, Yupp TV, MyIndian TV, and several others that will cost anywhere from $10 to $15 per month. Your internet service provider will be the main cost of this obviously but the service itself for many of these channels won’t cost that much and each one is safe and well-secured.

For many Telugu TV might as well be another form of cinema and TV that doesn’t matter as much since it’s not displayed prominently in their own country and as a result it’s not bound to be quite as popular. But for those that are all about expanding and broadening their horizons these movies and shows would no doubt be a welcome bonus that they can receive for very little. After all it’s nice to see what’s out there every now and again, and even if it turns out to be something you don’t particularly like there’s always more where it came from. Telugu TV and cinema has been steadily growing since its inception and has become something of another phenomenon in its own region. To date its growing popularity is starting to rub off on other countries as they are starting to partake of its many different shows and movies. The desire to see something different is driving people in all directions and Telugu is eager to please.

It could be wakeup call for Hollywood but it doesn’t seem likely since despite the growing popularity of Telugu, Hollywood is no doubt confident that it can keep churning out one movie after another and one show after another in other to compete and overcome any challengers to its dominance. Tollywood might be a contender at some point but as of right now it’s an interest that many people are starting to find but not enough have fully committed to. Eventually it might be a true challenge to Hollywood, but not yet.

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