10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tatiana Londono

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tatiana Londono

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tatiana Londono

Tatiana Londono is one of the most dynamic forces on television. She’s a realtor. She’s an HGTV host. She’s many things, and she’s good at all of them. What she’s done is take her life and change it for the better with one decision she did not see herself making. She was down and out, her family was struggling, and they had nothing left – they were at the end of the road with nowhere to do and no idea what to do, and a conversation with her father changed her life. Now she’s hoping to help you change yours.

1. She Calls Herself Tat

She might be Tatianna, but she calls herself Tat. She does this without hesitation. She is not going to say that it’s a name only her friends call her. You are her friends. She’s a founder. She’s a CEO of a realty group. She is an author. And she’s on HGTV. She’s Tat.

2. She is a Realtor

She’s a lot of things, but realtor is her first job. She is committed to her job, she knows it is easy, and she is someone who is not afraid to invest all the things that need to be invested – her time and her goals. She is a woman who is now using her real estate experience to invest and do other things.

3. Real Estate Saved Her Life

She and her husband were in dire straits. They had no more savings after losing their business. They sold their cars. They sold their personal items. They sold it all, with two babies at home, and without a hope in the world, she did what she did. And, guess what? She made it all work. She saved her family’s life.

4. She’s Been in Real Estate for Almost Two Decades

She’s been in the business for more than 18 years, but it wasn’t her dream. Her dream was to be an attorney. She had a dream for a long time, and she was so excited about it. However, the business she and her husband opened did not work, and they were broke. She had to do something, so her dad told her to get her real estate agent.

5. She’s a Million Dollar Agent

This is what this means: She earns a million dollars a year in commission on an annual basis. She doesn’t sit back and allow anything to change that. She got into the business because her father is an agent, because he told her to. She was desperate, and she didn’t want to.

6. She Made a Huge First Sale

She spent three months working on her license, and then she went to work as an agent. She spent 6 weeks working on her deals, and she was able to sell her first house within 6 weeks of obtaining her license, and it changed her life. Her first sale earned her $25,000. In six weeks.

7. She is Extremely Likable

If we can say one thing about Tat, it’s that she’s so likable. She’s not pushy or overbearing. She’s casual and fun, but she’s filled with energy and excitement – and it’s the kind you want to bottle up and keep for yourself. It is easy to see why she’s so successful doing what she is doing.

8. She Loves a Side Hustle

It’s one of her favorite ways to do what she is doing. She makes a lot of money doing a lot of things, but she also knows that a side hustle can take you places. It’s taken her into investing, into Instagram, and into other money-making ventures, and she loves it.

9. She’s a Believer in Time Management

One of the most important things she does as a business owner and a realtor is she manages her time well. When you struggle to manage your time in a meaningful and consistent manner, you will never get ahead in life. Her entire goal is to do this – to manage her time well, to make her life work easily, and to focus on things like when and how she will get things done. This has made her job so much easier.

10. She’s About Consistency

There is nothing more important to this woman than consistency. If you don’t do it all the time, you won’t do it all the time. It’s the simplest concept, yet so many people fail to realize this. They don’t see what is right in front of them, but she sees it.

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