Talks Are Underway for a Passion of the Christ 2

Passion of the Christ created a stir around the world and became one of the highest-earning movies ever in its time thanks in big part to the fact that Christianity has been one of the biggest, if not the biggest, religions worldwide for quite some time. The story of Jesus Christ is one that has for a long time gripped the hearts and minds of many people for various reasons since a lot of folks want something to believe in and as a result, many are willing to give everything for a story that has been handed down throughout generations. Mel Gibson took that story and made it into a movie that not only provoked strong and very visceral reactions, but had a possibility of returning for a sequel that he’s been planning apparently since 2016 as Ryan Scott of MovieWeb has stated. Well, now it would appear that the screenwriter for the movie has in fact stated that it is happening and that things should be able to move ahead eventually as the project is very much in line to be picked up and completed so as to deliver it to the people at some point. It might not be for a while yet, but the plan is to build the next movie off of the resurrection of Christ, as the ending of the first movie showed him stepping out of the tomb.

Jim Caveziel will be coming back to play the part of Jesus of Nazareth it sounds like, which would help with the continuity of the whole thing, a fact that a lot of people might really appreciate. When talking about movies that have to do with religion there are many paths that might be considered a little touchy, but many people can agree that this movie was bound to hit a few nerves and even scrape them raw just a bit since it managed to get pretty graphic and went over the story of Jesus Christ in a way that many people might not have been really expecting. Mel Gibson was out to tell the story however and while we haven’t heard much from him in recent years he’s still around and he’ll still have everything to do with this movie. It’s still hard to believe that after a career such as the one that he’s had and the successes he’s enjoyed so many times that it would be nearly ruined with one anti-Semitic rant that people still remember and still use to keep him at arm’s length at times. Briana R. Ellison of The Washington Post had something to say about this.

Movies with a strong religious theme and that delve so deeply into the lore such as this one can either be seen as eye-opening or problematic depending on their content, or they can be completely disregarded as nothing more than a mild attempt at getting the attention of the public. This one in particular though had the effect of spreading like wildfire among the people since its message was insanely powerful and the representation was so convincing that it’s not much of a wonder why people would be ready and willing to accept another one and why it will like be another huge hit once it comes out. Whether there will be any theaters open once it does come out is kind of hard to say since the trend at the moment is starting to feel as though theaters might be going the way of movie stores at some point, with on demand movies being the ideal way to get the message out to people. It’s likely though that there will still be plenty of movie theaters left out there when the pandemic has hopefully died down and things are able to regain some semblance of the normalcy that they once had. This movie is likely to be one that people will be anticipating for a while and could even start to talk about once there’s any word of production starting up since the life of Jesus is one that a lot of people still look to for inspiration and a sense of hope that will allow them to move through their own life in a much easier fashion. Alex Kuzoian of Business Insider had something to add to this.

Christianity is definitely a religion that has gathered untold billions of people to its ranks over the years and has maintained the many stories that have kept people interested and more than willing to quote verses and various passages from its text over and over in an effort to make sense of the world around them. The idea that any movie would be made from the tenets of such a religion isn’t hard to accept, but there are times when a person has to look around and wonder about those that give themselves over to a religion such as this so freely. It’s a personal choice for each person, but there are times when one still has to wonder.

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