Sylvester Stallone is Writing a Rocky Prequel TV Show

It might be kind of interesting to see how Rocky came up and what his early life was like. But considering where he’d ended up when the first movie came around in the 70s, it’s easy to think that his younger years weren’t all that great since he didn’t have much of an education or a lot of prospects. Seriously, the character had to be taught how to read and apart from being a tough and very hard-headed individual, Rocky didn’t have a lot going for him despite being a nice guy. Seeing what a young Rocky would have gone through to get to where he was though could be kind of interesting, so long as the right actor is found and Stallone isn’t going to act as another character. Even acting as the father to the younger character would be kind of weird, and to be honest, it’s easy to say that Rocky Balboa should be a retired character by now. Seeing him from a younger point of view though could be a nice way to cap it off and thus allow Creed to really take over entirely and continue a legacy that has already shifted to Michael B. Jordan. Whether or not Jordan is going to be able to take on the same kind of popularity that the Rocky franchise brought is hard to say, but so far Creed was well-respected, while Creed 2 wasn’t quite as popular but was still a pretty good movie.

At this point, it really feels as though Rocky should just be let go finally, since all the way up to Rocky V and then Rocky Balboa things just weren’t feeling as though they should be continuing since Rocky has been through some outright wars in the ring and he’s taken on guys that should have crushed him without much effort. But somehow he keeps coming back for more again and again and doesn’t appear to suffer too much brain damage, even though he takes half of the shots that land on his head. By Rocky V it was evident that Stallone was starting to go for more realism since he couldn’t stop his hands from shaking and the character was in a bad way both physically and financially. The fact was that he’d been trained to be a fighter and he was likely planning on dying with fighting still being a big part of his life, at least until Creed 2, which showed him reconnecting with his son. Where the character might have gone after that is hard to say since it’s been made clear that he has no plans for being in Creed 3, which will be directed by Michael B. Jordan, who will also be acting in it of course. But Balboa feels like a character that’s had his time and is bound to be remembered for a long while in one way or another, so pushing another movie could be interesting, but it also feels like more overkill since it’s no longer something that needs to be done.

Young Rocky would be a look at this character that a lot of people might be able to get behind, but it’s also an idea that would need to be the end of it, without a chance of seeing anything else. Whether it would be a movie or a series though is hard to say since the whole idea is something that hasn’t been fleshed out yet, which doesn’t mean it won’t but does make it hard to predict what will happen and whether or not this would be the same type of drama that we’ve grown used to seeing from this character. For years now it’s been kind of a hope that one way or another, Rocky would simply end, and yet every time that thought arises Stallone has come out with another movie, another way to keep one of his most popular characters going until at this point it’s become a hope that one of these days we’ll be able to talk about Rocky only in the past tense without wondering when we’re about to see him once again. Some folks might go so far as saying that this character was played out after the second movie, while others will defend Rocky to the end since there were fun and entertaining moments in the movies that came after the second one. But after this, if it goes through, we should be able to close the book on Rocky, since a prequel should be the end of it considering that going any further would be taking Rocky out of it anyway. It’s easy to love Rocky since the story is one that inspires a lot of people and shows that life will always hit harder than anyone. But the point’s been taken and now it’s time to move on.

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