Switched at Birth Review: Truth and Consequences

Switched at Birth

Wrapping up the final season of Switched at Birth mean that everyone was going to need to come home eventually. Bay and Daphne came back after an extended stay in Asia, and this week it was their brother’s turn. Toby, Lily, and baby Carlton return to the fold with their own share of growing pains they’ve gone through in the last year. Unfortunately, returning to the U.S. is just as bumpy a transition for them as it was for Bay and Daphne.

As it happens, Regina’s relationship with a guy close to her daughter’s age was the easy relationship drama to swallow. Yes, there was that little hiccup where John thought Luca could be a good match for Daphne, but that passes.

Daphne finds her friendship with Iris fractured after taking a public stance in Mingo’s defense. She assumed she had a valid opinion on a subject she was barely introduced to, and for that alone Iris would have a right to be furious. Daphne’s feeling very raw these days, which opens up a wound she didn’t know she had. Luca figures out that Daphne has some residual post-traumatic stress from Bay’s brush with death in China. Losing her friend reminded her of almost losing her sister. Daphne should know by now that pushing things down is no way to go through life.

Bay thought that Emmett was going to be the ex to worry about in her new relationship with Travis, but she never considered Mary Beth. The girl code should be taken just as seriously as the bro code. Deciding to be with Travis without so much as a phone call to Mary Beth was definitely a stinger. Don’t be too hard on Bay though, because Mary Beth has been keeping a whopper of a secret in regards to her new beau. The last person Bay expected her friend to be with is now her boyfriend-Tank. If Mary Beth wasn’t friends with Bay, it would be her business. Bay summarizes the problem perfectly when she says, “You are not allowed to forgive him for something that happened to me”.

That’s the fairest point Bay could make, though Mary Beth shouldn’t be punished for having a kind heart. Sad to say that most of her friends disappeared on her for a year, and Tank was the only one who was there for her. Neither Mary Beth nor Bay should feel guilty about trying to find happiness, but the circumstances will probably be too much for their friendship to survive.

Toby, Lily, and baby Carlton pay a visit to the U.S. with the big surprise of their engagement and quick wedding. When we say quick, we mean immediate! Given the wedding, Toby’s success as a DJ in Europe, and Lily’s strict attention to Carlton’s development, it seems like life is on track for them. Oh, that it were that rosy. While Toby has been working hard, he’s also relapsed into his gambling addiction. Likewise, Lily has taken over almost as a single parent. Let’s just say the wedding is less than a happy occasion.

Okay, I’ll say it. It’s truly one of the most tragic wedding ceremonies ever. It took coming back for the couple to be brutally honest with each other. The good news is that they handle their problems like adults, each attributing their recent failings in the relationship to their fear. Having a child with Down Syndrome comes with a life-long weight of worries as well as joy. Toby and Lily haven’t been handling the stress well because they’ve been avoiding it in their own ways, especially by not talking to each other. They need to refocus their life, which is why they decide to officially move back in with the Kennishes.

Will moving home be a better experience for Toby and Lily than it was for Bay and Daphne?

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