7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Originals’ Steven Krueger

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Originals’ Steven Krueger
7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Originals’ Steven Krueger

Steven Krueger is a talented American actor known for his impressive performances on the small screen. He first gained recognition for his role as Josh Rosza in The Vampire Diaries spin-off series, The Originals. Initially intended as a recurring character, Krueger’s outstanding portrayal of the character as Marcel’s henchman and Klaus’ spy earned him a promotion to series regular for Season 5.

Krueger continued to impress audiences with his acting skills and landed his first starring role in the Showtime survival series, Yellowjackets, playing the role of Ben Scott, a high school soccer coach who becomes one of the survivors of a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness en route to a national championship. With his captivating personality and stellar performances, Krueger has earned a solid reputation in the industry, and he has hinted that there is more to come. From his early life to his career highlights and personal interests, dive into the world of Steven Kreuger with these eight intriguing facts. 

1. He Was Introduced To The World of Acting By His Mother

Steven Krueger in Pretty Little Liars

Steven Krueger’s journey to becoming a successful actor can be traced back to his mother’s encouragement. Growing up in Sarasota, Florida, Krueger initially had other interests and was hesitant when his mother suggested enrolling in acting classes in junior high. However, after reluctantly giving it a try, he found himself falling in love with the craft and became deeply involved in his school’s drama club, participating in all school plays until he graduated high school. Sadly, Krueger’s mother passed away when he was 18, and was unable to witness his eventual success in the industry.

2. Steven Kreuger Participated In An Internship Program At An LA Law Firm

Steven Krueger

Despite his passion for acting in high school, Kreuger initially saw it as a hobby and didn’t plan to pursue it professionally. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Virginia to study government, history, and economics. Inspired by one of James Spader‘s powerful monologue performance as Alan Shore on the ABC legal drama, Boston Legal, Kreuger developed an interest in law and relocated to Los Angeles where he interned at a law firm in hopes of eventually attending law school.

However, it wasn’t until after his experience with the internship that he realized his true passion lay in becoming a lawyer on television rather than in a real courtroom. Despite believing that he would have made a good lawyer, Kreuger is now convinced that no other profession can fulfill him like acting does and has described the feeling of performing as utterly liberating. He maintains a fascination with the law profession and hopes to one day play a lawyer.  

3. His Role on The Originals Earned Him E!’s TV’s Top Scene Stealers Of The Year

Steven Krueger the originals

Steven Krueger played the role of Josh Rosza in the supernatural drama series, The Originals. Josh was introduced as a newly turned vampire and was initially Marcel’s henchman and Klaus’ spy. He later becomes an ally to the main characters and a significant part of the show’s storyline. Josh’s character grew over the course of the series, and he eventually became a fan favorite. Krueger’s performance as Josh was widely praised by critics and fans alike and he was named by E! as one of TV’s Top Scene Stealers of the Year.

4. He Has A Preference For Characters Dissimilar to His Personality

Steven Krueger and Samantha Hanratty on Yellowjackets

Steven Krueger often portrays well-balanced characters who question the world around them, nd such as his role in Yellowjackets. According to the actor, such characters are closer to his real-life personality and while he enjoys them, he finds that he thrives better with more challenging roles that are further from his real-life persona, as they require him to tap deeper into his creativity. As such, Krueger has expressed interest in taking on more villainous roles in the future.

5. He Spends His Downtime Doing Outdoor Activities Including Playing Tennis

Steven Krueger as Ben-Scott

When Steven Krueger isn’t busy with acting, he enjoys spending his free time in nature. The actor has an adventurous side and likes to partake in outdoor activities like skydiving, hiking, and camping. Additionally, Krueger is a professional tennis player who has been competing for over 15 years.

6. Steven Krueger Intends to Add Director To His Repertoire

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Originals’ Steven Krueger

Steven Kreuger is also drawn to the creative world of directing. In fact, he finds directing to be a more natural fit for him than acting. Kreuger has been studying filmmaking on his own for years and is currently taking steps toward directing his own passion project. In a chat with Photobook Magazine, Kreuger expressed his enthusiasm for this pursuit, saying, “I’m overwhelmingly interested in directing. It’s something that I’ve been quietly studying on my own for years now, and I’m excited to put myself in a position to direct my own project soon.”

7. He Is An Active Advocate For A Cleaner Environment

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Originals’ Steven Krueger

Steven Krueger is not just a talented actor, but also a passionate environmentalist who advocates for sustainable living. He strongly believes in the urgent need to transition to renewable energy sources to protect our planet’s future. Krueger supports several organizations working towards this goal, including the Surfrider Foundation and Cool Earth. Through his activism, he hopes to inspire others to take action and create a more sustainable world.

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