10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sorcha Richardson

Sorcha Richardson is a singer and songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. She’s gaining in popularity as an international artist. One of her most popular songs is “Petrol Station” which was released in 2015, and many of her other compositions have also been well received. Sorcha has an interesting story and for listeners who enjoy her music, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about her.

1. Her music genre is atmospheric folk

Richardson’s music consists of original songs that she has written herself. She both writes and sings in a style that has been characterized as “bedroom songs sung from a big city window.” The tunes are relaxing and a bit on the wistful side and they are a refreshing change from the more mainstream genres.

2. She began her professional music career in 2012

Although Sorcha has been a musician for a lot longer, her career as a professional artist kicked off in 2012. This was the year that she released her first EP titled “Sleep Will Set Me Free.” She released a second EP that was a follow-up project to the first titled “Last Train through a Parisian indie label called Crosswalk Records.

3. She was in a band when she was 10

Sorcha has a long history of singing and performing on stage. She started up a band when she was just ten years old. She and a group of her friends got together and started jamming together. This showed how passionate she was about her music even at an early age.

4. She is a native of Ireland

Sorcha hails from Dublin, Ireland and this is where she grew up. She has had a passion for music since she was a young child. By the time she turned 18, she decided to make a change to pursue her career as a professional musician. She moved to Brooklyn, New York to get in on the music scene there. This is when she released her debut EP with a second release the following year. She did return back to Ireland to set up her music base in her home country, to pursue other opportunities touring as a headliner.

5. She joined forces with Imelda May

Imelda May is another Irish artist who has found popularity and fame for her music. After moving back to Ireland, Sorcha found a support slot for May on tours. This was an excellent opportunity for Richardson to gain yet more exposure as a professional music artist in her home country.

6. She has her own website for fans

Fans might be interested in knowing that Sorcha Richardson has set up a unique web-site. It features the notes that she has written by hand to listeners. Also included is a series of her singles which include “Lost” and “Walk Away.” along with many others. This is a nice gesture that she has made for her fans, and it’s truly thoughtful. If you haven’t yet checked out her music this is a great place to get a sample of her unique style in both music and lyrics. The handwritten notes are a nice touch as well.

7. Her Soundcloud page is a brilliant resource

We recently checked out Sorcha Richardson’s Sound Cloud page and if you were not previously aware of it, this is the best place to find out what’s new with her music. There is an extensive list of her music clips on the site and they include information about the length, when they were uploaded and which are the most recent. You might find your next favorite song here. In addition to this, off to the right-sidebar, there is an events list that chronicles her tour dates in case you want to see her perform live. For November, she’s keeping the tour dates within the borders of her home country in Ireland.

8. You can get in on rating her music

If you’re a fan of Sorcha Richardson, then you can become a part of the system that gives her a thumbs up or down on the songs in her repertoire. On her Soundcloud page as well as other sites that stream her music, you can give your opinion whether good, bad or neutral. Her songs “Petrol Station” and “Honey” have received the most traffic so far.

9. She has an Instagram account

We also discovered that Sorcha has set up an Instagram account. We scrolled through some of her posts and found some great photos. Some of them are promoting her career and others are just really cool pictures of her doing everyday things or being silly. You can learn a lot about a person by perusing the photos that they choose to post on their social media sites because it’s like they are giving away little clues about the things they enjoy doing and the things that they are passionate about. She’s doing a really good job of keeping the page up. So far she has made 404 posts and as of November of 2019, she has 5,392 followers.

10. Sorcha Richardson might be just what the world needs today

Music is a universe that has been appreciated by people for centuries. It is the one thing that has a magical way of appealing to our senses. Music can provoke thoughts, impressions, moods, and it can make us jump up and dance or calm us when we need comfort. Sorcha is a unique artist who has her own style and she shares her interpretation of the world through her music. Her tunes are lovely and the lyrics are evoking. She is an up and coming artist who is off to a good start. Her music has been well-received throughout the United States as well as in Ireland. Her style is refreshing and from all appearances, she has the potential to go far in her musical endeavors and she may just be what the world needs today.

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