Someone Created A Homemade Version Of The Last Jedi Trailer, And It’s Awfully Good

Someone Created A Homemade Version Of The Last Jedi Trailer, And It’s Awfully Good

Anyone that says fans can’t come up with their own homemade trailer and make look awfully good needs to check this clip out. You’ve heard of low budget right? Well this is no budget and it’s not that bad really. They even managed to find a Porg to put in the Millennium Falcon to roar along with Chewbacca. As sets go it looks like something you might find in the reject pile of an old TV show but they make it work and get the trailer done. You can tell these folks are either Star Wars fans or are just into being accurate when it comes to doing something special like this.

This isn’t the first Star Wars trailer or clip to be done by a fan either since in less than a week we’ll be treated to something we’ve been waiting about two years for. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is finally going to be shown on the screen for more than a handful of seconds and it’s going to be awesome. Personally I hope that he makes it to the next film since taking him out of the game at this point wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense, at least not to the fans that are hoping that he might be to Snoke what Yoda was to Palpatine for their final battle, which is a match-up that a lot of fans would just love to see.

It’s already been seen that Rey is going to be taking on Snoke to disastrous results but it’s just as obvious she’s going to get away somehow or worse, be turned to the Dark side for a time. We can hope it doesn’t come to that but as we all know the second film is the one where things get a little screwed up since the heroes tend to underestimate the bad guys and then end up losing a little more than they’d anticipated. That could have dire implications for Rey, Luke, or Leia. Finn and Poe seem to be relatively safe and so long as there’s a few able bodies left to fight the Resistance is usually pretty secure.

But it’s the second film, and something has to give.

This trailer makes good use of the visuals that are in the theatrical trailer and at the very least doesn’t confuse anyone with what’s going on. Yes it’s cheaply built and operated but who cares? It’s the thought and the effort that count on this one and the fact that they’re so into it that make it something great. Just proving how much of a fan you are sometimes is enough.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is going to be something epic, and the only thought that makes it any better is that it’s going to lead into something that will cap off the trilogy with something that we can’t even begin to think about right now. Because the finale is always the most eventful and has the greatest impact on where things might go after, if there is an after.

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