Sneak Peek – Doctor Who 5.06 “Vampires in Venice” « TVOvermind

Sneak Peek – Doctor Who 5.06 “Vampires in Venice” « TVOvermind

The Doctor seems to be back to his gleeful self after a dark two-parter featuring the dreaded Weeping Angels, though his opponents this time around still have pointy teeth. This time, they’re vampires; not the vampires you see in Twilight and The Vampire Diaries; those are watered-down versions of these creatures, who resemble creepy young girls and appear to have some sort of hive mind going on. And when they don’t like someone, they hiss and bare their strange teeth, which are strangely aligned… and presumably razor sharp. Thankfully, the Doctor’s roguish charm and their slow movement allows him to state, but not before telling them how interested he is in what exactly they’re doing in Venice.
Of course, that’s after he stops to admire himself in a mirror and tell himself what a handsome fellow he found himself. Of course, that led into the revelation that the vampires couldn’t be seen in mirrors, but the little inclusion of his vanity was quite a nice touch. After all, the Doctor does find himself good-looking — remember when he made Sky Sylvestry tell him that in “Midnight”?
In any case, here’s the sneak peek for the episode “Vampires in Venice,” which airs on Saturday, May 8, on BBC One. It’ll air two weeks later in the U.S. (Meanwhile, U.S. viewers — tune in to BBC America on May 8 to watch “In the Time of Angels,” one of the best episodes of the series. EVER.)

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