She-Hulk: The People vs. Emil Blonsky-Recap

She-Hulk: The People vs. Emil Blonsky-Recap
Who is Emil Blonsky? Tim Roth's Abomination Returns to MCU in She-Hulk

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The snark continues as Jennifer Walters seeks to adjust to her new position as a lawyer for superhumans and also find her place in the wider world that she’s unwittingly joined. As the unfortunate lawyer that has to take on the case of Emil Blonsky, aka the Abomination, Jennifer finds that her case is about to be unraveled when the events of the Shang-Chi movie, in which Wong and Emil were seen in a cage fight against each other, are played over and over to discredit Emil’s attempt at parole. It’s enough to make a person wonder if the world has gone mad, to think that not only is the Abomination up for parole, but that he has followers and penpals as well. But, there’s a group of women outside his observation window that all appear dedicated to him, and more to the point, his attitude is calm and well-tempered, so it stands to reason that the MCU is softening up a little more as time goes on. Oh yes, I said it, and I’ll own it. The MCU is showing a soft side even as it’s trying to keep a position of strength. 

She-Hulk': Episode 3 — Jennifer Walters vs. Emil Blonsky | Marvel

credit: She-Hulk

The show appears to be maturing in a way as it goes along. 

I say that kind of tongue-in-cheek since Jennifer is still being plenty of snarky lines that are designed to analyze and break down the MCU as it’s already been seen. But this show is getting a little more entertaining since despite not liking her name or the expectations that are continually being placed on her character, Jennifer is starting to hit her stride a bit, and she’s doing it in the way that she wants. The public reaction to She-Hulk is, as expected, ridiculous and filled with rumors that are just as insane as the people making them. The inane things that people are willing to say and the stories they’re willing to make up are regrettable since it shows a true lack of journalism and decorum that people don’t appear to care about. But the Avengers crack, that one was kind of funny. 

The defense for Emil is kind of interesting. 

A lot of people might think that Emil Blonsky is beyond redemption since he did cause a great deal of damage and did end the lives of many people during his time as a monster in The Incredible Hulk. But apparently, there are a lot of people willing to forgive just about anyone so long as there’s a reason and those who are willing to forgive and forget. Once someone starts a cause, there are usually plenty of people willing to line up and state that they believe in it as well, giving rise to the sheeple effect that’s been seen throughout the years. But getting past that, the fact that Jennifer has to take on this case is kind of amusing since it pushes her further into the She-Hulk persona, despite the fact that she wants to be a normal individual. That ship has sailed, as the saying goes, especially when it comes to representing someone like Emil. But the fact that she’s still railing against her position as She-Hulk feels typical since some folks embrace the superhero life, and others do everything they can to run from it. 

She-Hulk': The Creative Team on Smashing the Fourth Wall | Marvel

credit: She-Hulk

Fans might be wondering when they’re going to see more fighting. 

This is typical as well since a superhero needs supervillains to fight against, and the only one that Jennifer has seen so far was taken down easily with one punch. It’s easy to assume that Titania might come back and do some more damage, but the Wrecking Crew, if the thugs with the glowing weapons were indeed the little-known group, didn’t really impress in their first outing. Sure, their weapons look cool, but their fighting skills and their ability to do anything to She-Hulk underwhelmed in a very big way. It does feel as though this was meant to be the point, though, that they were destined to fail simply because the ‘boss’ that they speak of might need to reveal themselves at one point. Who the boss will turn out to be, though, is a good guess that will hopefully be solved in the next week. 

Overall, She-Hulk is still kind of ridiculous, but in a fun way. 

They just had to bring in Megan Thee Stallion, didn’t they? And yes, the twerking scene at the end was a bit much, as was the idea that She-Hulk was having a fangirl moment. Oh well, right? She gets to be a fun character, and more to the point, it helps to flesh her out as a new hero. Giving her eccentricities is kind of natural. In the weeks to come, it’s a big hope that things will pick up, and the cutesy nature of the show will give way to something that might return to the gritty nature that the MCU was starting to cultivate. 

She-Hulk needs a worthwhile enemy; that’s a certainty. 

The Incredible Hulk

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