10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shalana Hunter

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shalana Hunter

Shalana Hunter

It’s very easy to look at pictures and snippets of news when it comes to those that hang around celebrities and wonder just what their real worth and value to society is, but upon digging a little deeper some of them might surprise you. Shalana Hunter is the mother of the woman known as Blac Chyna, but apart from taking pride and in some cases accepting her daughter’s giving nature when it comes to her life Shalana has been pretty much independent for a good deal of her life and has done her own thing for a while. It does need to be said that she’s very involved in her daughter’s life and has likely reaped the benefits as some folks do when their children get famous, but at the same time one might also think that she’s managed to acquire her own wealth and done her own thing.

Here are a few things about Shalana you might not have known.

10. She did serve in the US Army.

Considering that a lot of people don’t serve this is a big mark in Shalana’s favor since it does show that she was able to put something and someone else ahead of herself in life and dedicated herself to serving a country that has given her and many others a great opportunity to build something that she can be proud of.

9. Shalana is an entrepreneur as well.

She’s not a layabout, that much is for certain since she’s been able to run her own company and do quite well in fact. While some people might want to push this idea aside by looking at the pictures it’s hard to ignore the facts that are presented.

8. Over the years she’s become an internet personality.

This seems to be something that might be possible because of her daughter’s fame to be honest and while it might be enough for some people to grouse about while claiming it wouldn’t have happened without Blac Chyna there are still those that can admit that it’s a worthy pursuit all the same.

7. Her husband accused her of being violent a while back.

It seems that she didn’t really contest this as she did get violent and beat him around a bit, which in some cases might seem more humiliating for a man to admit but in others would indicate that things needed to change. Eventually things did settle down and they reconciled.

6. She had her daughter when she was 17.

Teenage pregnancies in the US are still a risky proposition and something that many people seek to either glorify or vilify for various reasons since the risk factor is so high and the idea of making it popular is seen as a very negative proposition for society.

5. At this time she’s only in her late 40s.

So far in life it seems that she’s doing quite well for herself and has managed to take care of herself in a way that has translated to being a successful and very desired personality. How things will continue to progress is anyone’s guess.

4. It sounds like her daughter tends to take care of her in terms of money.

There’s no doubt that Shalana makes her own money and is quite comfortable but the news of Blac Chyna buying her mother a house is enough for a lot of people to start gossiping and stating a number of things that might make it seem as though she’s dependent on her daughter.

3. Being Blac Chyna’s mother has contributed to her popularity.

A lot of parents do tend to key in to the fame that their famous kids bring and in some cases it would seem that the parents attempt to ride it so long and so much that they end up forgetting just who’s responsible for it. It would seem that Shalana is enjoying the peripheral fame as her daughter is front and center most of the time.

2. Her social media presence is noticeable but not that big.

She does have thousands of followers but as you can imagine those numbers are nowhere near to where her daughter’s are and it’s likely that to some she’s more of a curiosity and someone to follow simply because she is the mother of a celebrity.

1. She’s known as a very family-oriented woman.

From her Instagram posts and other various bits of information and pictures it would appear that Shalana is very invested in her family and does enjoy being a mother, which is nice to see. The fame that some folks experience can change them in big ways and it’s great when it doesn’t change people so intensely that they forget just what’s important.

If she is riding her daughter’s coattails it’s a lot harder to notice than it might be with others, which is kind of as it should be.

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