Why Did Sean Combs Change his Name to “Brother Love?”

Sean Combs, aka P Diddy, has been in the news lately for issuing a statement that said he would no longer be called by any other name apart from his new name, Love aka Brother Love. He broke the news on Twitter in a video and in the statement he terms as very serious news about a decision he has been praying on. He goes further to state that this might be risky since some people will think he is corny, but he stuck with the decision to change his name again. While explaining this decision, Diddy said he feels different and that with the new change of name he would cease to be the person everyone knew under previous titles.

Although name changes are common among hip hop celebrities, his announcement has had fans talking for the last two days. This is the fifth time he is announcing a change of his name, so it seems he is used to the trade and who knows, in few months he might land a new title. The reason behind this decision is explained in his tweet and he says that he did this as part of fulfilling his idea that he has been thinking about for a long time. The media has particularly responded to this announcement and many people think he is taking the game too far with his frequent changes of name. On the day he announced a name change to Brother Love, Sean Combs was celebrating his birthday and it seems he decided to end this day with some bang, which he definitely did as many people have been talking about this decision since then.

“I was just joking, don’t take it seriously”

Sean Combs later came out on Instagram after the online uproar that ensued following his announcement and clarified that this was just a joke that should not be taken too serious. The rapper clarified that due to the many comments that were filling the air about his earlier announcement about changing his name, he thought it would be fine to remind people that he did not mean it in the first place and the whole thing was just a joke. Combs has several other names including P.Diddy, Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy and now the new moniker Love aka Brother Love that he assigned himself on Saturday.

In his second video where he says it was all just a joke, he explains that love is one of his alter egos and so when he issued the statement about changing his name he was simply exercising his alter ego. He advised that he can be addressed with any of his older names as the new title does not count as part of his names. However, he told those who think it sounds cool to use the name Love as this would still be fine in his opinion. Now everyone who was guns blazing because of this announcement by Sean Combs can return to normalcy since he later withdrew the statement he made about changing his name to Brother Love.

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