Scoundrels 1.02 “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” Recap

The West family struggles begin as they try to make an honest living in the second episode of Scoundrels. Cheryl gets a job as a cashier at the supermarket, Big Foods and Sergeant Mack comes in to the store to remind her that her family’s new lifestyle won’t last. Unfazed, Cheryl heads to a staff meeting in the back of the supermarket, where she mentions to the boss that toilet paper is missing from the women’s bathroom yet again. Unfortunately this is not a main priority for the boss, as he has his hands all over one of his employees. After the staff meeting and on her way back to her register, Cheryl encourages this employee to sue on the grounds of sexual harassment just as she spots Heather walking around the store. Cheryl stops Heather and tells her not to steal here since her job would be at risk.

It seems Heather has not gotten her first paycheck yet from her job as a waitress. So not only can she not afford zit cream at the supermarket, but she still cannot afford modeling photos. That doesn’t discourage her, as she goes back to Hope for help. Hope rejects Heather’s request but Hope’s friend, Ted is more than willing to shoot her photos for her. It takes some time, but after the modeling session and into post, Hope secretly encourages Ted to ‘lose’the photos and save his friendship instead of trying to create a relationship that would never happen with Heather. All hope is not lost for Heather though, as at the end of the day a scout comes to the restaurant she works at and gives Heather his card.

As for Hope, she has a conversation with Logan late at night after Logan decides to raid her room for the blackmail photos. Hope comes clean and explains that the photos caught fire when she hid them at Grandpa’s house. The two come to an agreement to end the blackmail, since after all, it is against the West code of honor to extort family members. Although blackmail might be easier to manage than a secret girlfriend who is talking about marriage!

As for Cal, he starts off taking his job as slave to the Hongs pretty seriously until Mr. Hong’s wife seduces him into an affair. Mr. Hong threatens Cal after he has suspicions and pays him a $1500 advance as per their hands off agreement. There’s a story behind this $1500.

Back to Cheryl…after she makes a visit to Wolf to continue to stress the family’s new lifestyle and after dinner, she finds in the mail an envelope including $1500 from Wolf. It seems Wolf never agreed to the ‘no crime’lifestyle. So Cheryl puts the money aside and goes to work only to find that she is being accused of stealing $500 from her cash register. Sergeant Mack takes her to jail but lawyer son, Logan comes to the rescue. Logan’s phone call to Hope about the arrest makes the kids believe that their new lifestyle has just ended. Not so. Cheryl is on a mission to fight for her innocence, especially after Sergeant Mack threatens Logan’s career…and after Sergeant Mack accuses the West family of stealing a 14 ton truck full of toilet paper. Cheryl heads off to a bar full of common criminals and offers her $1500 for information on the truck heist. She ends up paying Mr. Hong $1500 for information and finds out who the culprit is. The only problem is that she does not know the culprit, Oscar was hired by Wolf – who previously denied being involved when he was asked by Cheryl at the last jail visit. After Sergeant Mack realizes Cheryl’s efforts and his mistake of accusing her without solid evidence, he indirectly apologizes and the two are on the same side. At home, Cheryl gets a surprise at the door. Her boss has come to give her the cashier job back, as the women employees at Big Foods complained that he unfairly dismissed her. So Cheryl has good news to share at dinner time about her job but that’s not the only person who has good news. Cal announces that Mr. Hong gave him $1500 for driving Mr. Hong’s wife around. Things seem to come full circle but for better or worse?

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