Scorpion: Team Trapped on Garbage Island. Cabe Opens Up About Past.

Scorpion: Team Trapped on Garbage Island. Cabe Opens Up About Past.


We humans produce more waste than any other species. So much so that there’s a significant mass of it floating on the Pacific Ocean. Enter Team Scorpion to help eradicate trash island for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Their chemist neighbor, Florence tags along to help in this week’s episode of Scorpion.

I find that I don’t like Florence’s arrogant and condescending attitude toward the geniuses and Paige. Come to think of it; she’s like a female version of Walter before Paige became a member of Scorpion. The genius, of course, dislikes the chemist greatly which is ironic because pot just met kettle. I agreed with her on the fact that Paige needs to keep an eye on Ralph, but that’s no excuse to question the liaison’s parenting skills. Florences’ comment about Paige thinking that Ralph is a genius made me roll my eyes. Yes, it’s cliche, but in this case, it’s true. Ralph is a genius. He’s smarter than Walter if I remember correctly.

The scene where Paige schooled Florence about making it on one’s own, I all but applauded. The chemist thought that Paige had it easy because she’s the “hot mom with a genius kid and dating the boss.” She thought wrong, naturally as Paige fired back at Florence, telling her about her past struggles as a single mother. Score one for Paige Dineen!

The case for the day seemed like an open and shut one. Well, it could have been if everything went according to plan. The team used an organic binding agent to harden the plastic and waxworms to help eat away the waste. Things then took a turn for the worst in true Scorpion fashion as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch falls apart. The jellyfish are eating away at the binding agent (which has components that create zooplankton) as the waxworms feast on the trash. Oh, and on top of that, there’s a massive bloom of Portuguese man o’ wars beneath the water’s surface. Yeah, not good. Walter and Happy had to use Sylvester’s protein fish shake to disguise themselves as jellyfish to swim to the safety of the boat. Their endeavour was a close call because the fish shake got washed off, causing the jellyfish to start stinging.

I felt a bit sorry for Florence when she accidentally went overboard. Sylvester’s new book had fallen from the shelf, hitting the ship’s wheel and moved the boat. The chemist received stings from the jellyfish, and if it weren’t for Toby’s guidance, she would have died on the ship. I’m glad that she apologized for her behavior and that she will try to be a better neighbor to Scorpion.

I’m also glad for Agent Gallo. It takes a lot of courage to come to terms with losing a loved one. Especially if it’s due to a traumatic event. The Homeland agent witnessed a robbery at a convenience store when he was nine years old, and his father got himself killed trying to stop the thief. He blames himself for not saying something back then and has made up a story to protect himself due to guilt. Toby, of course, saw right through it and helped Agent Gallo come to terms with his father’s death before everyone sat around the table to eat Thanksgiving dinner. The shrink is right. Agent Gallo has taken care of them for a long time. It’s time for Team Scorpion to do the same for him.

Ending Thoughts:

I think that Toby is getting a bit of an early start with the baby names. He should wait until Happy is actually with child before thinking of what to name him or her. Walter wanted to throw his name into the ring, much to Quintis’s chagrin. Though in the end, Happy decided to include her boss’s name because without Walter, she would’ve never met Toby.

It was sweet of Ralph to replace Florence’s flask with new ones. Wonder where he got the money to buy them? Had he been saving up?

The episode title amuses me greatly. It plays on the classic song It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls and on the jellyfish man-of-war. Kudos, Scorpion writers. Kudos.

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