10 Things You Didn’t Know about Savannah Mullins

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Savannah Mullins

Savannah Mullins

There’s a saying that if you know, you know, but you don’t know Savannah Mullins. At least, you don’t know her well. She’s one of the 30 new ladies vying for love on the Bachelor. She’s looking to make a husband out of Pilot Pete, Bachelor number 24, and she’s playing it real. She’s not going to let these other women get her down. She is here for real love (even though that’s what they all say) and we can assume you don’t yet know much about her. Well, until now. We’ve done our due diligence, and it’s time to bring you what you want and what you need to know about the newest of the 30 ladies who will keep working to love their new man.

1. She’s A Realtor From Houston

She’s got a real estate business, and we think she does all right. She’s got a lot to offer being born and raised here. She knows the city, she knows the burbs’ and she knows what’s up and where to be. This gives her some homefield advantage if we’ve ever seen it.

2. She Really Loves Home

She’s not just a woman who is from Houston. She is proud and she loves it. She’s a young woman who is not ashamed of where she is from. She is a Texan born and bred, but she’s especially proud of her city. Her state is good for her, but her city is, apparently, everything to her.

3. She’s An Astro’s Shooting Star

When she’s not busy selling houses, she’s got a side job she loves. She’s a dancer for the Houston Astro’s Shooting Stars team. She loves it, and she’s slated to stay on the team for the 2020 season, which means she has every intention of returning to work when she’s done with the show. Or, maybe she simply doesn’t make it far enough for it to matter. We will find out, won’t we?

4.She’s A Volunteer

When she’s not busy selling homes, finding love, or dancing for the MLB, she’s got another job she likes to do, too. She likes to spend her time volunteering. She’s a person who likes to do, to give back, and to spend time in her community. We may have mentioned once or twice that she’s someone who loves her home and being from Houston, and part of that is being in her community giving back and spending her time doing for others.

5. She Loves to Dance

Dancing is a strong suit for this Mrs. Pilot wannabe. She loves it, and we already know she’s good enough at it to make it a career choice while she’s still young enough, but she actually likes it, too. Some people are good, but they don’t have a passion for the dance. She does, though we don’t know what kind of dancer she is, nor do we know what type of dance she prefers.

6. She’s Given Herself a Nickname

Sometimes people earn a nickname because of something they did, something they love, or some other reason. Rarely do you actually find out someone has a nickname because they gave it to themselves, but this is one of those times. She calls herself the Turtle Princess because she loves turtles, and she goes to feed them and save them in her local waterways and the places near where she lives. It’s a thing she likes to do, and she’s not at all ashamed of that. She makes fun of herself, hence the nickname. We don’t know, though, if it’s caught on with others in her inner circle.

7. She’s Been In it for the Long Haul Before

She might not be lucky in love like some of the other women in the world her own age, but she did try. She was in it for the long haul with her ex, but things didn’t work out for them after nearly six years together. We don’t know what happened, exactly, but he was caught cheating on her with another woman. She was devastated that she spent so long with a man who would do that to her, and we know that has to be awful.

8. She Needs New Friends

Maybe not all of them, but when she caught her long-term ex-boyfriend cheating on her, it was because she caught him sleeping with another woman. That woman was reportedly one of her friends. You’ll note we did not say good friends, because no one’s good friend sleeps with their boyfriend. No, we digress. No one’s friend sleeps with her boyfriend. That’s not a friend. That’s an ugly person. Although, the more we think about it, she’s not really making any friends on the Bachelor since that would bring her new friends just like her old one. Ironic, much?

9. She’s Not Really Been Out of Houston

She’s born, raised, and loving her life in Houston, and she is proud of that. She is so proud of it, in fact, that she brags about it all the time on her real estate website. The only problem with that is that she doesn’t spend much time outside of her own city. This means she’s not spending time anywhere other than with the people she is with all the time, and she’s not seen much of the world. We think this opportunity will be a good one for her to change that if she and Pilot Pete a connection at all.

10. She’s Ready for Adventure

We’d say that given her life as a woman who doesn’t spend much time out of the city in which she was born and raised, and the city in which she learned love and lost it, that she’s due for some adventure. She’s had a pretty crazy life to know what’s happened to her, and this is something she’s ready for. She’s hoping for some adventure, and she is also hoping she finds some true love in the process. That would be nice, right?

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