Why Gal Gadot Needs to Open Her Own Movie Production Company

Why Gal Gadot Needs to Open Her Own Movie Production Company

So is there any other reason why Gal Gadot needs to be the face of a new movie production company? She’s Wonder Woman, that alone should be enough to push the idea forward. Plus, proving that the title is not just something she does onscreen she’s already pushed out what could have been an unfortunate cancer on the sett, co-producer Brett Ratner. He’s been effectively removed from having anything to do with the sequel to the summer blockbuster and as it stands Gadot could easily be looking at becoming the lead woman when it comes to opening a new studio. And why not? She’s been Wonder Woman for less than a year and she’s already shown up in three different films sporting the look. She’s been vocal about her beliefs and her desire to see change in Hollywood and has the backing of many people who feel the same.

She’s ready to take on more responsibility it seems, and with Ratner out of the way she could possibly start taking the steps towards creating her own production company. There are a few things she’ll need to do in the interim of course but it would be a big leap forward for her career and it could be effective planning for later on down the line. Despite being young at this point and capable of playing the role for a while it seems like it would be wise to plan ahead and have something to fall back on when the movies begin to wane. I’m not a planner but it’s a sound enough idea to have something else in the wings when the acting career finally starts to simmer and cool down. That way there is always something to be doing and a way to keep an impact in Hollywood no matter how often you do step into the limelight.

There are literally dozens of actors that have gone this route and to be quite honest it’s the smart route that Gadot should think about taking. She doesn’t have to do the same thing as everyone else, in fact it’s not recommended to do anything like this. She needs to find her own path and discover just what works for her and what doesn’t. But as a strong woman and personality in Hollywood it would be a big move forward and a positive thing for women to continue to be this prevalent in the industry. Many female actors already have their own film companies and have been operating them for years, but one more in the mix couldn’t hurt.

She didn’t really explode onto the scene until Wonder Woman, but as a model and an actress Gadot has still been rocking it since her first appearance in The Fast and the Furious franchise, where she managed to put her talents to the test alongside several other prominent A-listers at the time. She did well there, and from that point on she only got better as she took on the role of Wonder Woman and hasn’t looked back since.

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