10 Predictions We’re Making About the Movie “Rush Hour 4”

If you thought that Rush Hour was over then you must not have been paying attention all these years. It’s been a decade or more since the last Rush Hour film came out and quite honestly it wasn’t considered to be as good as the first or second one, but then few movies ever are. The one thing that’s been keeping these movies alive is the fact that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan work so well together and because the whole East meets West thing is still a very fun dynamic to put into a movie. The culture clash that came from the first movie was so great that a second one had to follow, but the third one seemed like the producers were simply trying too hard and had to make something that would keep the story moving along. At this point though adding in a fourth movie seems to be pushing it just a bit, but it was contingent on Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan agreeing upon a script, which didn’t happen until just recently. It’s very cool that Chan didn’t want to do this movie without Tucker since it means that they found a special quality in each other that means they can’t do the movies with one of them missing. But one has to wonder just what kind of plot is going to be used to push this movie forward, and if it’s going to be something else in Chan’s past, or if it’s going to involve Tucker’s character and his past a little more this time.

The predictions are going to come a the rumor mill gets going once again, so just expect people to say anything and everything when it comes to ideas about how this movie will go.

10. Soo Yung will not be a part of this movie.

As fun and cute as it was to watch a young Soo Yung berate and scold Chan in the first movie for taking so long and not telling her he was leaving in the first place, this character seems to have been expended and has no more practical use for the story. It’s true that she and Chan have an onscreen bond that is supposedly very strong and even lasted to the third movie, but it would also seem that it’s time for Soo Yung to move on and focus on her life while Chan focuses on his.

9. There’s going to be one or two bits about getting old.

You have to realize that Tucker is in his upper forties and Chan is in his sixties now. They’re not young men, and in truth Chan wasn’t a young man when they did the first Rush Hour, but since the guy doesn’t seem to age like other folks it’s easy to assume that he was a great deal younger. At this point in their lives however they’re not nearly as young or as vibrant as they used to be. If you think about it they’re approaching the age when even the famed Lethal Weapon duo of Riggs and Murtaugh were starting to feel their own sense of mortality every time they took on the bad guys.

8. The villain is going to be someone younger and tougher than either man.

This is kind of a given since the world of action movies is kind of a young person’s game. This time around it could be a woman, it could be a man, it could be anything that the guys have to face up to. But the one thing that is almost assured is that it’s going to be someone that’s tougher, meaner, and far smarter than the guys have ever dealt with in the past three movies. Age and youth tend to go up against one another quite often and while youth has the speed, strength, and intelligence, age usually has provided a worthy match for youthful exuberance but tends to gain the edge in wisdom and experience.

7. There’s going to be a technological aspect involved.

This is another given since in this era technology kind of rules over most things. You can’t walk down the street without seeing phones and other devices that can operate one’s home, car, or anything else they need. Plus the technology that we use on a regular basis is only the beginning. Look for a very serious and dangerous technological aspect in this movie, as it will be used to trump whatever Tucker and Chan can bring to bear.

6. Chris Tucker’s comedy is going to be about the same.

That’s a good thing really since his sense of humor is entirely adaptable. He molds it around whatever movie he’s playing and as a result it comes out just the way it should. If you don’t believe me here’s a clip from Silver Linings Playbook in which he played an interesting part.

5. Jackie Chan’s stunts will be awesome but a little more conservative.

Remember, the guy’s in his 60’s now. That might not stop him from doing his stunts but it will slow them down at bit since if you recall in his previous movies he’s been pretty out there and doing stuff that seasoned stunt people look at and whistle as they consider it to be kind of crazy. But that’s what he’s been known for throughout his career after all.

4. Both men might be thinking of settling down at this point.

The characters have had a wild ride and there’s nothing to say that they won’t be as active and ready to go on another adventure as ever before. Actually that’s going to be needed in order to get people interested in this movie. But really, there is time when you do need to think about slowing down and perhaps finding someone to enjoy your life with.

3. One of them might have aspirations to start a family, or already have one.

This could be something that’s kind of far out there for such a film but both men are capable of calming down occasionally and thinking about starting a family. Jackie Chan actually played a family man in one of his most recent films, The Foreigner. The sad part is that he lost his wife and then he lost his daughter in an explosion, but it showed that his characters are changing as he gets older.

2. At this point it’s ‘ride or die’ for both men.

They’ve been around each other for so long that it’s hard to think that they wouldn’t be down for just about anything at this point when it comes to their adventures. The two men are the best of friends after all in the movie and are no doubt willing to lay their lives down for each other after having been through so much. At this point it’s easy to assume that they’d meet their end together if it came down to it. Such a thing probably won’t happen considering the nature of the movie, but you get the point.

1. They will both understand the words that are coming out of their mouths.

Yes, this is just a fun one that had to be thrown in for the heck of it. They’re kind of like an old married couple, they might not always understand the words but they get the idea.

It will also hopefully bring around a new blooper reel at the end of the movie. Those are always funny.

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