10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ruby O. Fee

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ruby O. Fee

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Ruby O. Fee

When Netflix introduced the new film “Army of Thieves,” the world was excited. Set as a prequel to “Army of the Dead,” the film is set to make a huge impact. Fans are excited about everything from the director to the new cast, and everyone is looking to get to know the cast members who are starring in the new movie. Ruby O. Fee is one of the stars of the new film, and her exotic beauty might be the first thing you notice about her, but it is certainly not the only thing. She’s an impressive actress, and we’ve learned as much as we can about her.

1. She is Young

Fee was born on February 7, 1996. She is only 25 at the moment, but she will celebrate her 36th birthday in a few months in the early weeks of 2022. She is lovely, and she has a look that allows her to pass as someone much younger than she is, her own age, or even someone much older given the right makeup and wardrobe. It’s a great look to have when you’re in this business.

2. She is from Costa Rica

She was born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica. However, she is German thanks to her own mother. We know next to nothing about her father, though. We do know that she grew up with her mother and her mother’s husband, her stepfather, who is of French descent. When she was around 12, the family left Costa Rica and moved to Berlin where she finished out her childhood years.

3. She’s Been Acting Forever

Not forever, but for well over a decade. Since she was only 15, she’s been working regularly. To this day, she’s got more than 30 projects under her belt. This is not the first time she’s been featured in a project on Netflix, either, so she’s familiar with the lay of the land.

4. She Was Linked to an Older Man

She was previously linked to a man who is also an actor who goes by the name Joaquim Lopes. He’s much older than the young star, but he is also newly married and the father to twin daughters who are not even a year old. So, while they’re no longer together, she was allegedly dating him a few years ago when she was in her early 20s and he in his early 40s.

5. She is Not Single

Simply because she is no longer being linked to the much older man she was linked to a few years ago does not mean she’s on the market. In fact, she’s dating a man by the name of Matthias Schweighofer. He’s a German actor who directs and produces films. He and Ruby O. Fee have been in a relationship with one another since 2019.

6. She is Playing a Hacker

In her new Netflix film, she’s portraying a hacker. While we don’t know if O. Fee is any good with that kind of technological mastermind stuff in reality, she seems to come across as if she knows what she is doing online. She is playing a woman who is kind of like a leader in her group, almost like the older sister that the characters never had that brings them together and keeps them together.

7. She Enjoys the Water

If we can judge her likes and dislikes by her Instagram feed, we come up with the distinct impression that she is a woman who very much enjoys spending her time by the water. She’s frequently posting photos of the pool and of herself on a boat or near a body of water. She’s just like the rest of us – happiest by the water

8. She’s Very Private

Ruby O. Fee is not the type to discuss her personal life with anyone, and we get it. She is someone who is doing what she is doing, but she’s not sharing her most private moments and the vast details of her life with the world. She’s working on her life, doing her thing, and she’s making the most of what she has going on. She just doesn’t feel it’s anyone’s business what she has going on.

9. She is Stylish

O. Fee is not the type to go into her life and do what is expected of her. She likes to take her sense of style and make it her own, and she is quite good at it. Her look is cool and edgy, but it’s also always unexpected. It’s amazing.

10. She is Always Promoting Her Work

She has almost 300k Instagram followers, and she is always sharing her work with them. They know what projects she has going on, what she’s doing, and where they can see it, too. She’s good about that, and we think her fans like being in the know.Army of ThievesArmy of Thieves

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