The Rick And Morty ‘Focus On Science’ Rick Sanchez Hoodie

The Rick And Morty ‘Focus On Science’ Rick Sanchez Hoodie

If you’re looking for a lazy costume to wear this next Halloween the Rick and Morty ‘Focus On Science’ Rick Sanchez hoodie is here. Seriously if you want to walk around looking like a blue dandelion with a sweater designed to look like a ragged labcoat then more power to you. Now all you’d need is a bit of vomit on your lip and bloodshot eyes to make the look complete. Maybe if you buy this you can convince someone to dress up like Morty and go as a pair. Fans of the show will no doubt see the value in this hoodie since it will allow them to slip into the skin of Rick for jut a moment, figuratively of course.

There’s something about Rick and Morty that’s just not right, and it’s not just because the fan base went nuts over the limited supply of szechuan sauce that McDonald’s had promised to deliver on months ago. No, there is something seriously wrong with a cartoon such as this. But the beauty is that the chaos of it has come to define the cartoon and give it purpose where order never could. The madness inherent in this cartoon is something that can’t be denied or hidden away since it’s just that prevalent. And what’s more is that people love it. They’ve locked onto Rick and Morty in a way that’s borderline scary since they take the cartoon so seriously at times and insist that it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to television.

A lot of us might have something to say about that but at that hour a lot of us are either working or at home sleeping and trying to get ready for the next day. You realize that Rick and Morty is on late at night on Adult Swim, yeah? Cartoon Network airs the show as early as 12 am and up to 4:30 am when a lot of people might be waking up or still sleeping. It’s not on when kids are normally expected to be awake, though if you think kids don’t watch it then you’re seriously underestimating the younger generation. Didn’t you ever stay up way past your bedtime to watch something your parents probably wouldn’t approve of? Rick and Morty is about one of the most graphic cartoons that’s come along in a while save for Heavy Metal and a few others, but it’s also one that has a chance to greatly confuse and disturb kids unless they’re given some context about what they’re seeing.

The merchandise that has come from the show hasn’t been all that bad really unless you want to nitpick about it. The hoodie up above is perhaps one of the most innocent things in the world and could possibly be very warm. If you want to wear it in public you might get a few looks but so long as you’re a fan and don’t care what people think then it shouldn’t be an issue. After all, if you’re a fan then you would likely defend the show to anyone that had a problem with it.

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