Regal Switches from Coke to Pepsi and People are Not Having It

This is seriously not a joke, people are flipping their lids, no pun intended, over Regal Cinemas switching from Coca-Cola to Pepsi, and for those of us that just don’t care it’s a laugh riot. I’m of the mind to agree with Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb that it’s not as big of a deal as people tend to make it, largely because when going to the theater a great many people still do whatever they can to sneak their own snacks in so they don’t have to pay the exorbitant prices at the snack bar. And yet chances are these are some of the same people that are complaining because something DIFFERENT is happening and they didn’t see it coming. This is what happens when people are thrust out of their comfort zone without any way to adapt unfortunately, and while the rest of us that really don’t care are likely to still frequent Regal and not mind what beverages they’re serving, while those that were so egregiously ‘offended’ by this movie will….likely still attend the same movies and possibly gnash their teeth while drinking a water or something else. Seriously, that’s what will happen, just watch.

I’m not sure about anyone else but while I do remember the concessions from the movies I tend to remember the movie first and what I was eating or drinking second. Back when a lot of us were kids there were theaters that sold Coke and theaters that sold Pepsi, and if you were picky about what you wanted then you were just out of luck. The fact that some folks are thinking of taking their business elsewhere over a soft drink is more than absurd, it’s not going to happen for a lot of them. People need something to gripe about, sad as it might seem, and this was just the next thing on the block. Regal and Coke have gone hand in hand for quite a while, that much is true, but one thing that people always tend to forget in the world of business is just that, IT’S BUSINESS. It’s about what makes the money, what gets the checks signed, and what moves things forward in a positive manner that can benefit everyone. So thousands of people don’t like the switch? That’s kind of too bad since it might actually take millions to get the deal to go south, and that doesn’t seem like a possibility unless millions of people across the US are going to suddenly decide that going to the movies is no longer a desired pastime. What’s really funny about this is that judging by the reaction of the people that have been so vocal on social media is that they might have forgotten that Pepsi has other products rather than regular and Diet Pepsi. People do realize that, right?

At this point it doesn’t sound as though it matters since so many people are ‘outraged’ by this turn of events that trying to get them to slow down and see reason might take a while since as we’ve seen throughout the last several years when the mob mentality takes over it’s hard to do much more than weather the idiocy. Considering all that’s happening in the world the fact that this is what people choose to focus on is a real head-scratcher. Judging by the reactions of the people that have already thrown their two cents in the ring so to speak one might think that the entirety of Regal Cinemas was bound to come crumbling down with the ‘I’ll take my business elsewhere’ mentality that so many people are already trying to push. The change-over isn’t due to happen until spring so it’s not coming out of the blue, but by the time it does occur it feels safe to state that as much as people want to holler and as loud as they’ll get, they’ll still be lining up for tickets to see their favorite movies over and over again, and possibly trying to sneak in their own drinks just like always. Charlie Ridgley of Comic Book has more to say on the matter.

Much as I used to never believe this, soda pop is soda pop. Of course those of us that drink it have our favorites but the truth is that it all becomes addictive after a while and it can rot out your teeth if you drink too much. It’s all a mix of chemicals with flavoring and coloring added in to make it more appealing. The fact that people have created such a bond with Coke is kind of disturbing really. It’s part of American culture alright, but it’s a soft drink for crying out loud people, something that can be enjoyed if you have the money to pay for it. I can’t remember the last time I went to the theater and thought ‘wow, I’m sure glad I bought this Coke, who cares what’s on the screen?’.

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