Rare Behind the Scenes Footage of the Making of Mulholland Drive

Getting a chance to see the rare, behind the scenes glimpses of Mulholland Drive is something that you might be interested in if you ever watched the movie. Since I have not watched it, only read about, I can say that it seems like a real mind bender and might actually confuse those who don’t understand what’s going on. The behind the scenes look however are something that shows just how the confusing and strange moments in the film were made. Like a lot of films it’s very involved and has to be done in a manner that’s very professional and even insanely precise at times.

The amount of takes that are needed to get everything down and everything the way it should be seem to be endless sometimes but thankfully between the director and the actors taking their cues it all gets done without too much difficulty. It does seem like the actors have to stand around quite a bit in order to wait for the sets to be ready and the action to finally get going. The amount of times that people either forget or flub their lines is something that has to get frustrating and yet dealt with in a way that seems to mollify everyone so as to keep the picture rolling and the general feeling at least copacetic enough to satisfy those that are directly involved, which would be everyone.

The setup of each scene, meaning the cameras and everything else that needs to be included in the scene, is immense. Even on a film that was not seen as an epic but is still considered to be one that people tend to like and discuss the setup seems absolutely insane and invasive in a way that astounds me when I think of how the actors have to do their thing with all this gear around them. There are cameras in front of them, lights above, and all sorts of gear all around them, and they still have to hit their mark and look as genuine as possible. That takes some serious skill on the part of the actors to block out everything else and just focus on their part.

I’m in awe of actors at times since they have to do and say certain things that don’t make a lot of sense but are still a part of their job. The more intimate scenes are definitely something that takes some doing since a lot of folks in life have the belief that intimacy is something that you share between two people that really love each other. Actors have to do this on a constant basis with those that they might care about and respect but definitely do not love. It’d be even harder it seems to do such intimate moments with someone that you absolutely despise and cannot stand to be in the same room with. Yet actors kiss, touch, and go much further at times for movies in order to get the job done.

All of it’s pretty impressive, especially when you get to look beyond the glam and see how it works.

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