The Predator: Will It Revive the Franchise?

It’s always a question when introducing a reboot of an old favorite whether it will revive or kill the franchise from which it was built. The Predator is already looking like a special effects spectacular, but until we know the full plot it almost has the feel of another Alien vs. Predator, just without the Xenomorphs. In 1987 a new science fiction thriller/horror movie was unleashed upon the audience and it became a phenomenon that people couldn’t stop talking about. It could have been that it starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and it could have been that it had an awesome cast, but a lot of fans know the truth. It was because the Predator was one of the most over the top and ridiculously geared-up movie monsters to ever come to the big screen at that time.

Many films had featured monsters and aliens that were lethal and more than a little terrifying, but this visitor from far away had gadgets and techniques that no one had ever seen before. Where the main villain in Alien would punch a hole through your face or wherever was necessary to kill, the predator would skin you alive, hang you by your ankles, and remove your head, complete with the spine still attached. This was the kind of movie monster that you didn’t ever want to face since there was almost no way to see it unless you happened to see the light shifting around its form.

In short, it was the perfect hunter, and now The Predator seems to be interested in making things even more perfect. So here’s a few facts about the Predator that could possibly help understand the reboot.

The Predators are at the top of the food chain so to speak.

Despite the fact that you’ve likely seen them be taken out by the xenomorphs in the first Alien vs. Predator, these creatures are the epitome of what it means to be hunters. From their technology to their skills to the very attitude they display on the battlefield, the Predators are extremely difficult to beat. The fact that Arnold took one down, and that Danny Glover took one out, is attributed more to luck and ingenuity than anything. An alien not used to the type of battlefield that was set in both of the first two films has a distinct disadvantage. But in this coming film you can see and hear that the Predators have been coming to earth long enough to have discovered a better way to fight, to hunt, and to survive a foreign world.

They’ve been coming to earth for longer than people realize.

If you look at the history show in Alien vs. Predator and even during one of the final scenes in Predator 2 you can see that the species has been making their way to earth for far longer than humans have known about them. This time however it seems that small pockets of mankind are aware of them and are actively searching for anything that comes out of the sky. It’s a dangerous job to take on but at the same time the technology that’s offered up by the Predators is something that no country would want to pass on. The only problem with this is that going back to the first point, the Predators have been learning about mankind in a much more accelerated fashion than mankind has been able to learn about them. And there’s no doubt that they’ve been watching intently.

They’re not exactly a unified species.

Much like humans the Predators have their different factions that don’t really get along. As you might have seen in Predators if you watched it, there are those of them that are far more wild and as a result a lot more dangerous, and there are those that are more like the creatures that audiences have grown used to. Both factions are quite violent and tough to take out, but among the species there are obviously those that are out to cause destruction and death in the course of their hunts, while the others are simply in it for the sport. In either case, mankind is not a major concern of the Predators most times, since they are physically and technologically superior in many ways. But they are certainly not an all for one kind of species.

This new hybrid Predator that you’re able to see in the preview is an absolute monster, standing nearly double what the original Predators do it looks like and likely possessing the kind of strength that could rip a human being in two with little effort. Whether the movie is going to revive the franchise or send it plummeting once again is kind of irrelevant since people are going to go watch it just because they’re a fan of the movies.

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