Power Rangers: 6 Key Differences Between the Film and the Original Series

Power Rangers: 6 Key Differences Between the Film and the Original Series

Power Rangers: 6 Key Differences Between the Film and the Original Series

After years of waiting, fans came in swarms to watch the new Power Rangers film. Directed by Dan Israelite, the reboot blockbuster tells the story of five ordinary teenagers that must defend the world from the evil Rita Repulsa. The movie is expected to make $41 million over its opening weekend and a sequel (or maybe even 5) is already in the works. Thought the film is based of the 1993 television series, there were a few difference between them. Here are the five key differences between the Power Rangers film and series. If you have not seen the movie already, be prepared for some major spoilers.

Teenagers with Attitude?

Fans of Power Rangers remember that Zordon asked Alpha 5 to send him five teenagers with attitude. What he ended up getting were five teenagers who always go to class, get good grades, volunteer, and don’t break their curfew. The new film made sure that these teenagers had some attitude. The first scene of Jason shows him driving away from the police after a school prank goes wrong. Kimberly sends X-Rated pictures of her friends to the entire school, and even Billy blows up his lunch box.

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The Command Center

In the pilot episode of Power Rangers, the teens are teleported to a Command Center located in the desert outside of Angel Grove. That first episode even shows the teenagers walking around the outside area where they first encounter the putties (more on them later). In the new film, the teens jump off a cliff and swim into a new area underground where the Command Center is located. Zordon’s face moves along the wall instead of a floating tube like in the television series.

Finding Rita

Two unlucky astronauts unearth a container on the moon way back in 1993. Inside was Rita Repulsa and her pack of Evil Space Aliens. One of those monsters is Goldar, who is the only alien to appear in the film. Once Rita is out she creates her fortress on the moon and begins her destruction of Earth. In the Power Rangers film, Jason’s dad is the one who finds the evil sorceress. He and his fishing team locate her body among the fish they were trying to catch. Once she is out, she spends her entire time on Earth finding gold to make her favorite monster Goldar. During the final battle, she is sent into space.

Super Powers

Though the teenagers are well-versed in martial arts in the Power Rangers series, they only had superhuman strength when they were morphed into their Ranger costumes (aside from Jason’s battle with Goldar). The only monsters they were able to fight unmorphed were the Putty Patrol. In the new movie, the teenagers showcase extreme strength after finding their power “coins”. Jason breaks a sink at his house, Kimberly busts her phone, and Billy pulls a door off its hinges. Trini and Zack are also the first two to take a giant leap from one rock ledge to another.

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Putty Patrol

While the Rangers are training to face Rita in the reboor, they practice fighting virtual images of her Putty Patrol. In the Power Rangers film, the Putties are made from the rock in the ground and the teens must morph in order to fight them at an equal level. The Putties from the television series were made from clay by Finster in Rita’s fortress. They were also a lot easier to defeat.


The Power Ranger teens did such an awesome job saving the Earth that not a single person lost their life to the hands of Rita Repulsa on television. The film tells a much darker story. Rita’s first victim is the police officer that Jason’s dad called to retrieve the body they found in their fishing net. She then kills several people in her search for gold to create Goldar. She even murders Billy after he tells her where to find the Zeo crystal.

What did you think of the Power Rangers movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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